The 10 Most Comfortable Undershirts for Men

  • Updated: July 27, 2022
  • Published: September 17, 2020
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An undershirt is a man’s first line of defense. It is his protection against unwanted bulges and his dress shirt’s barrier against sweat and odors.

An undershirt should make a man feel confident and, more importantly, comfortable.

How do you find the most comfortable undershirts for men? UnderFit is here to help!

What Makes a Comfortable Undershirt

An Undershirt That Keeps You Fresh

When looking for an undershirt, buy one that is made from breathable fabric. This type of material is air-permeable so that air can flow freely and keep you fresh.

UnderFit is made from 95% ProModal® fabric. It comes from beechwood pulp, which has natural properties that allow the undershirt to be more breathable.

Our undershirts are also designed with superb temperature regulation, keeping you fresh, whatever the weather. They’re also odor-resistant, making them the perfect go-to wear for an activity-packed day.

An Undershirt That Keeps You Dry

Armpit stains never leave a good impression. A comfortable undershirt doesn’t expose your sweat issues to the world. It is guaranteed to stay dry, despite highly stressful situations.

When picking an undershirt, go for a brand that has moisture-wicking features, such as UnderFit.

Our products are made from materials that wick (absorb) moisture away from the body. These undershirts do not absorb moisture.

Instead, they transfer moisture away from your skin and outward, so the outer shirt absorbs it. Once moisture is exposed to heat or air, it then dries up.

UnderFit’s sweat-proof undershirts also provide a layer of protection between your sweat and your outer shirt.

An Undershirt That You Can Wear Casually or in Formal Events

An undershirt, as suggested by its name, is created to be worn underneath outer shirts. It can be used with almost any outer shirt.

However, an undershirt is not recommended to be worn by itself, as you would wear a shirt. Even v-neck undershirts cannot function as v-neck t-shirts.

Undershirts are body-hugging and are best used as undergarments for whatever occasion. You can even wear an undershirt under your tuxedo or your best-looking suit for those black-tie events.

UnderFit has been designed with a material that’s so stretchable that it feels tailored to our customers’ measurements. It is close-fitting but not too tight to make you uncomfortable or restrict your movements.

UnderFit is also made with ProModal® fabric and lycra for that comfortable and incredibly soft feel.

We’ve compiled some of the best men’s undershirts that give customers a most comfortable experience.

Brand Product Why We Find It Comfy Price
UnderFit White V-Neck Undershirt
  • Designed with superb temperature regulation
  • Moisture-wicking
  • 95% ProModal® and 5% Lycra, giving it that body-hugging form and soft feel
$26 – $32
Thompson Tee Original Fit V-Neck Patented hydro-shield technologyTagless, lay-flat collarUltra-soft material made from 100% premium combed cotton $28
Tani SilkCut Crew Shirt Naturally-wicking fabricForm-fitting styleMade from micro modal Air fabric $55
Uniqlo Airism
  • Odor-controlling technology
  • Quick-drying
  • 88% polyester, 12% spandex for a silky smooth feel
Hanes Men Tagless ComfortSoft V-Neck
  • FreshIQ advanced odor protection technology
  • Tag-free comfort
  • Soft fabric made from 100% cotton
$10 (Multipack: 3-pack)
Fruit of the Loom Men Stay-Tucked V-Neck
  • Wicks moisture
  • Tag-free
  • Soft and made from 100% cotton
$19 (Multipack:6-pack)
Calvin Klein Men Cotton Classic Fit Crew Neck T-Shirt
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Classic fit
  • 100% cotton fabric
$40 (Multipack: 3-pack)
Mack Weldon V-Neck Undershirt
  • Lightweight
  • Soft 18-hour jersey made from cotton, modal, and lycra fabric
  • Slim fit
Spanx Cotton Compression Crew Neck
  • Compression undershirt that firms your chest
  • Improves posture
  • Made from 81% cotton and 19% spandex
Ralph Lauren Slim Crew Neck
  • Wicks away sweat
  • Slim fit (fitted through the chest, armholes, and sides)
  • 100% cotton
$43 (Multipack: 3-pack)

UnderFit: Over and Beyond

Among the best undershirts we’ve cited, UnderFit is an excellent choice in terms of value and features. The breathability of our undershirts is guaranteed, as our products are designed with superb temperature regulation technologies.

Our undershirts are moisture-wicking, so wearers need not worry about deodorant stains, sweat stains, and body odors. We’ve also made sure our products are as eco-friendly as they can be.

UnderFit undershirts are made from 95% ProModal® and 5% Lycra fibers. Lenzing, the producer of modal materials that UnderFit uses, prides itself on using timber only from forest plantations that are sustainably grown.

Compared with cotton, which is one of the most popular undershirt fabrics, modal material is more sustainable.

Producing cotton requires 15 times more water compared to producing modal fabrics. Cotton manufacturers also need agricultural land to generate the material.

UnderFit’s composition, modal material combined with lycra, is what makes it soft and moisture-absorbent.

The materials also give UnderFit that body-hugging fit. Plus, caring for your UnderFit undershirts isn’t high maintenance at all!

You can wash and dry however you want without worrying that your UnderFit undershirts will shrink. You can be sure that our products will last for years.

We guarantee that it will fit and feel the same as the day it arrived. But please, never use bleach on your UnderFit products!

The Purpose of an Undershirt


Undershirts are designed to protect your clothes from sweat, body oils, underarm stains, and odor. Men who sweat profusely should always have an undershirt ready.

Wearing undershirts decreases your risk of getting embarrassing pit stains. It also helps make your clothes last longer.

Aside from sweat protection, an undershirt also offers deodorant stain prevention. These yellow or white stains come from deodorant chemicals, such as salt.


During the summer, thin clothing is a must. However, these clothes do not help conceal nipples, man boobs, hairy chests, and other bulges that could make you a little less confident.

An undershirt is your best friend in keeping private matters (like those mentioned) away from public attention. Undershirts mask these concerns while staying invisible themselves.


Cold weather and the winter season may require several layers of clothing just to keep you warm. That’s why undershirts, such as UnderFit, come in handy during cold days and nights: for added insulation!

We believe that there is no need to sacrifice style just to keep yourself warm. With good-quality undershirts, like UnderFit, you can wear your favorite fashion pieces whatever the weather.

What to Look for in an Undershirt

An ill-fitting undershirt can be uncomfortable in several ways. An oversized one causes unnecessary bulks and could make you look 15 pounds heavier.

When an undershirt is excessively big or long, it bulges in your midsection. Meanwhile, one that’s too fitted can be restrictive.

It is essential to pick an undershirt with a neck opening the same size as your outer shirt collar. By doing so, you’re guaranteed that the undershirt doesn’t bunch around your neck.

The right undershirt has small armholes. In terms of length, it should be long enough, so it stays tucked in all day.

UnderFit’s body-hugging design has a snug fit that enhances your biceps and clings to your waistline. It also hides creases and wrinkles, so you always look neat.

Buying from UnderFit is like shopping for undershirts at a brick-and-mortar store. We make sure you get the best size possible.

UnderFit’s website has a size calculator and a size chart to help you find the perfect fit, whatever your body type.

What’s more is that, to date, no customers have complained about our shirts not being long enough or wide enough.

When using undershirts with outer shirts, they should be treated like undergarments: both should remain invisible.

Planning on undoing the top button of your dress shirt? Be sure to wear a v-neck tees underneath.

Some undershirts, such as UnderFit, may be a little more costly than others. That’s because they’re made from high-quality materials designed to stay invisible while giving you the confidence and protection you need.

How to Wear an Undershirt

Choosing the Right Color

An undershirt’s color is essential to looking sleek, whatever the occasion. We, at UnderFit, have made sure to streamline our products so that they’ll be available in the two colors we deem the most useful: white and beige.

A white undershirt works best for outer shirts that are darker in color. But what about when your outer shirt is white?

White undershirts will be visible when worn with white dress shirts and other outer shirts.

We know that white outer shirts are a classic choice when looking for a top to pair with pants and suits. However, the sheerness of outer shirts can be off-putting, as sheer clothes in men look sloppy.

For this reason, we, at UnderFit, have developed a tone option for our undershirt line.

A tone undershirt is one of the least visible undershirts. It should be your go-to when your white dress shirt is a little transparent.

In designing our undershirts, we’ve also made sure that the UnderFit colors look great on all types of skin tones.

Undershirts and Other Apparel

As previously mentioned, undershirts can be worn with almost anything. Here are some tips when you plan to use your undershirts with different types of clothing:

Undershirts and Dress Shirts

Men’s dress shirts come in a variety of styles. They can be worn alone, with a tie, or with a jacket and tie.

A dress shirt is essential to a man’s wardrobe as it can generate different looks by simply being styled in various ways.

If you want your dress shirt to last longer, you should always wear undershirts. An undershirt guarantees protection against sweat, body stains, and odors.

Wearing your dress shirt with a tie? Be sure to wear an UnderFit crew neck shirt underneath.

Our product’s necklines remain flat, so you look neat, especially if you are wearing buttoned-up dress shirts. A crew neck undershirt also helps conceal chest hair, so it’s a must-have.

Planning on undoing your dress shirt’s buttons? Then go with a V-neck undershirt.

This type of undershirt will not show when worn with button-down shirts. If you want to undo two buttons or more, be sure to get an undershirt with a deeper V-neck.

A high-quality V-neck undershirt guarantees sweat protection while staying invisible.

Note that a V-neck will be visible when worn with fully-buttoned dress shirts, so it’s essential to have both a V-neck and a crew neck option in your closet.

Undershirts and Polo Shirts

Wearing polo shirts dates back to the 1920s, when players of the polo sport would don these to complete their outfits.

A traditional polo shirt is worn as a base layer. It is short-sleeved, with a placket neckline, three buttons, and, in some designs, a pocket.

It is not recommended to wear an undershirt with a polo outfit. An undershirt makes you look bulky and poses the risk of peeking out from the polo shirt’s neckline or sleeves.

If you’re decided on wearing an undershirt with a polo, choose a V-neck undershirt so that its neckline remains invisible.

Undershirts and Suits

A man’s suit simply says ‘success,’ so it’s no surprise that high-quality ones are often costly.

If you want to extend your suit’s life and have no plans of buying replacements frequently, wearing an undershirt with it is the best and least expensive option. An undershirt shields your dress shirt and your suit from stains and sweats.

Attending an event that requires a tuxedo? Wear an UnderFit with it, too. An undershirt keeps you feeling hygienic and fresh, even underneath all those clothing layers.

Our white UnderFit products are the main staple for clients seeking undershirts that would go perfectly well with their suits and tuxedos.

What’s more, is that UnderFit’s undershirts won’t be seen underneath the bib front tuxedo shirt.

Undershirts and Sweaters

Wearing sweaters is fashionable and functional. However, maintaining sweaters isn’t that easy.

Traditional and stylish sweaters are made from cashmere and wool, which are delicate fabrics. They can’t be washed every so often, as their materials may shrink in the dryer.

Frequent dry cleaning is expensive, too. An economical and hygienic solution is to wear undershirts with your sweaters, as they prevent the absorption of sweat and body odors.

You may also wear undershirts with jackets. It is crucial to get snug undershirts, such as UnderFit, so that their rings are not visible on the upper arm when you remove your jacket.

Undershirt Cuts

The most popular undershirt types are V-neck, crew neck, and tank top undershirts.

V-Neck Undershirt

This type of undershirt has a ‘V’ shape at the neck. It is perfectly paired with button-down dress shirts and sweaters.

The main advantage of V-neck shirts is that they remain unseen, even when dress shirt buttons are undone. Some V-neck undershirts have high or deep cuts.

Go for deeper V-neck cuts if you want to undo more than two buttons of your dress shirt.

Crew Neck Undershirt

A classic crew neck shirt has a high neckline. It is highly popular but not recommended when one is planning to wear button-down dress shirts.

Men with hairy chests can wear crew neck shirts to conceal these body hairs.

When purchasing crew neck undershirts, it is best to buy high-quality ones, like UnderFit.

Cheap crew neck undershirts often bunch and roll up and could give you “bacon necks”.

Tank Tops

Compared to V-necks and crew neck tees, tank tops are more lightweight. However, they are sleeveless and are not as sweat-absorbent as the two other types.

They are most useful when you plan on wearing summer shirts with short sleeves and low necklines. However, they are not recommended with other apparel.

Leigh is the owner of UnderFit, a premium men's undershirt brand based in Philadelphia, PA. You can follow Leigh on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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