The best undershirts for men, built for comfort.

We’ve spent 5 years perfecting the fit and feel of our undershirts. Tailored fit, stays tucked all day, anti-odor, and incredibly soft. Perfection.

We’ve spent 5 years perfecting the fit and feel of our undershirts. Tailored fit, stays tucked all day, anti-odor, and incredibly soft. Perfection.

We guarantee that you’ll love our products or we’ll take them back, even if they’ve been worn!

We guarantee that you’ll love our products or we’ll take them back, even if they’ve been worn!

It’s more than just an undershirt.
It’s discovering daily comfort.

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Learn More About Our Undershirts (The Boring Stuff)

Best Undershirts For Men By UnderFit

Buying an undershirt isn’t rocket science. But let’s face it – the vast majority of men’s undershirts sold at the big box stores just don’t cut it. They’re uncomfortable. They don’t fit right. They look terrible … even when they’re hidden under other clothes.

UnderFit is different. We firmly believe that finding high-quality undershirts should be a lot simpler. That’s why we’re passionate about making the absolute best undershirts for men– in styles and sizes to fit every guy, perfectly.

Best Undershirts For Men – Discover the UnderFit Difference

From the moment you try on an UnderFit fitted undershirt, you’ll notice a huge difference compared to the shirts you’re used to wearing. The quality and fit are simply unsurpassed. In our quest to design the best men’s undershirts, we closely analyzed all the things we hated about traditional, poorly made undershirts…

Even shirts from the most well-known brands simply didn’t fit right. They didn’t stay tucked in. They were boxy. They hung loose on the body. They created the look of added weight. They overheated in the arm pits. The v-necks were visible under button-down shirts. Most of all, they weren’t comfortable.

By addressing each of these common problems, we have created an exceptional line of slim fit undershirts that are unparalleled in fit, quality and performance.

Here’s How We Created The Best Undershirts For Men

Super-Soft Fabric

The secret to UnderFit’s superior comfort starts with the fabric. We use a secret ProModal fabric blend that feels great against your skin, provides all-day comfort all day and is built to last.

2x as soft as cotton

Scientific research has shown that ProModal fabric is 100% softer than cotton. Measured by the Kawabata Evaluation Systems for Fabrics, these findings are critical to our mission of creating the absolute most comfortable undershirt for men. You’ll notice the difference instantly.

Lasting durability

What good is an undershirt if it tears or has holes after only a few uses? That’s why we use durable ProModal fabric in our shirts. Unlike cotton, it has an exceptionally high tensile strength, making it harder to rip and tear. It also means your undershirt will continue to keep its great shape after repeated wear and washings.


We care about the environment just as much as we care about making the best mens undershirt! That’s why we only source our raw material from sustainably grown forest plantations.

Greater Breathability

In addition to the softness, UnderFit’s ProModal fabric also offers superior breathability. This means that your undershirt will help you stay cool when things start heating up.

Superb temperature regulation

Whether you’re at work or out on the town, you want to minimize heat as much as possible to avoid excessive sweating. Our ProModal fabric helps to regulate temperature to let your body breathe when the heat goes up.

Odor resistance

Our ProModal fabric has moisture-wicking technology to limit moisture, keep you dry and prevent odor-causing bacteria. It’s just like the moisture wicking you expect from high-performance workout apparel, but designed for your day-to-day lifestyle instead.

Advanced moisture absorption

Just because you’re perspiring doesn’t mean others need to know about it. UnderFit offers the best undershirts for men who sweat, thanks to advanced moisture absorption that stops sweat in its tracks, so the rest of your clothes stay dry and fresh.

Superior Fit

If you’ve been looking for the best fitted undershirts for men, then you’re going to love UnderFit. The soft fabric, combined with our unique cut, ensure this will be the best-fitting undershirt you’ve ever worn.
Slim-fitting design
UnderFits have a slim, comfortable fit that gently hugs your body, eliminating the “loose baggage” look that traditional undershirts create. They’re gentler than compression shirts, but they offer a close-fitting design that’s perfect for layering.
Tailored cut
Stay clear of boxy billowing undershirts that cause you to look less trim than you actually are. When you wear Underfit your undershirt fits your body the way it should, rather than hanging loosely.
Stretchy fabrication
UnderFits offer the perfect amount of stretch for a close fit that never feels tight. Our ProModal fabric stretches to allow for free range of motion and ultimate comfort, no matter what your day brings.
Stays Tucked In
Another reason why men love UnderFit is that it stays tucked in. No more shoving your shirt back into your pants throughout the day. We’ve carefully created extra long men’s undershirts to eliminate re-tucking and solve the problem of “undershirt gut.”
Extra 3 inches of length
We’ve always wondered, “Why is it so hard to find men’s undershirts that stay tucked in?” The problem is industry-wide: most shirts simply aren’t cut long enough. That’s why UnderFit shirts are three inches longer than traditional undershirts: so they stay in and stay put – guaranteed.
Moves with you
The best undershirts for men gently hug your body and stay tucked in, but they’re not constrictive. In fact, ProModal fabric offers exceptional free range of movement – the fabric is slightly stretchy, moving with your body to eliminate bunching and discomfort.

Necklines That Work Like They Should

The neckline of an undershirt is often the most vital factor affecting the shirt’s appearance under other clothes. So, why do so many other brands get it wrong? UnderFit comes in both v-neck and crew neck styles – both of which have been designed to fit perfectly and enhance your outfit, not detract from it.

V-necks that stay hidden
The purpose of a v-neck is to increase air flow at the neckline, while also allowing you to layer with other shirts without revealing your undershirt. But traditional men’s v-neck undershirts are notorious for sitting too high on the neck, exposing the shirt when you open up your button-down shirts. UnderFit solves that problem with a deeper v-neck that stays hidden under Oxford shirts even with two buttons undone.

Crewnecks that maintain their shape
Guys who prefer crewnecks often prefer to work their undershirt into their outfit, undoing a top button or two on their Oxford shirt to let the undershirt show through. But when the crewneck is loose, it looks sloppy and unprofessional. Our crewnecks are designed to fit snugly around the neck and keep their shape, even after repeated wear.

Competitive Prices

You wear your undershirt for 8, 10, even 16 hours a day. It’s arguably one of the most important parts of your outfit and one of the most frequently used garments in your wardrobe. So why are you still buying the bulk packages of cheaply made t-shirts jammed into plastic wrap?

At UnderFit, we understand that it can be hard to kick those old habits. But when you experience the quality and comfort of UnderFit, you’ll kick yourself for not switching sooner. While buying the best undershirts for men may be more expensive than what you’ll find in the bargain bin, they are competitively priced to fit any budget.

So just why are UnderFits more expensive than traditional men’s undershirts? Simple: UnderFit crafts the best men’s undershirts on the market, hands down. And when it comes to the quality of your undershirts, you get what you pay for.

Consider, for example, that the advanced ProModal fabric in our undershirts alone costs $5 for each shirt. And as you’ve already discovered above, the fabric is far more comfortable and higher quality than you get with standard cotton tees.

Consider also that UnderFit shirts are 3 inches longer than standard undershirts, so there’s more fabric. Also, the strength and durability of the shirts means you could be wearing an UnderFit undershirt for many years to come, whereas traditional, cheap undershirts start showing wear after only a few weeks.