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About UnderFit

They say the clothes make the man. At UnderFit, we know confidence starts underneath.

We’re confident too; our products, policies, and pride are what define us. Since 2012 we’ve been perfecting the UnderFit line of products, listening when you’ve spoken, and taking it to heart. We’re serious about the important stuff like product quality and customer care. (We also like to cut loose and get a little less serious sometimes… visit us on Facebook to see the lighter side of UnderFit.)

UnderFit was borne out of a problem suffered by its three founders: lack of confidence.

What do undershirts and confidence have to do with one another? The answer lies below the belt…

We were all enduring nerve wracking job interviews after college. We knew first impressions were everything. The jacket, shirt, tie, slacks, shoes, belt; all were painstakingly chosen to nail the look. But there was one big problem… we kept having to re-tuck our undershirts before each interview, to ensure a presentable appearance. Not only was this frustrating, we felt less confident as we were suffering from “undershirt gut”, causing us to look less trim than we were.

Having worn department store cotton undershirts all our lives, we never considered another option until the “Eureka!” moment hit us! We figured it would be simple enough, creating a slim-fitting undershirt that stays tucked, kept you cool, and provided a light body hugging fit.

Suffice to say, it wasn’t as easy as we expected. Fast forward 6 years later and we’re still dedicated to improving the fit and feel of UnderFit undershirts, based on continual testing. We turned our frustration into a solution that has provided comfort, confidence and relief to thousands of customers around the country.

Our passion is your comfort.

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