Our Story
How We Designed the Perfect Undershirt

At UnderFit, we believe that confidence starts from within; that you can look and feel great with just the right outfit. It’s that guiding principle that led us to create an undershirt that you can wear every day of the week.

Confidence Starts From Within

We started UnderFit in 2012 because of a common problem: a lack of confidence. It’s something that affects a lot of guys out there but there isn’t a definitive solution for it. You can spend a ton of money on the freshest suit and tie but it’ll always be obvious if that confidence just isn’t there.

Through first job interviews, first dates, and a lot of “firsts.” After college, we realized that there wasn’t any clothing out there that would just create confidence out of thin air. We had the right suits, ties, and shoes. But something felt off. Not only were we sweating through each cheap department store undershirt, wearing them required constant readjustments and re-tucking. This wasn’t exactly the first impression we wanted to convey.

Around the time, athleisure and activewear were becoming big parts of our casual, everyday wardrobes. That was our “A-ha!” moment. Why not infuse some of the tactical and comfort-focused elements of our favorite sportswear into our more polished looks?

With that simple question, we started designing our undershirts; garments that don’t transform you into someone you’re not but give you the strength to build your own confidence.

A Decade Spent Perfecting Our Undershirts

After that “a-ha” moment, we spent years perfecting our undershirts. We analyzed everything about our favorite sportswear and athleisure pieces to see what stood out.

We knew we needed a soft, comfortable fabric that stretched and moved without the constant need for readjusting or tucking. Moisture absorption and odor protection were crucial, as was a fit that was slimming and worked for both casual and professional looks. And seeing how much cheap clothing was getting wasted with each passing year, sustainability and premium quality were key priorities to ensuring our undershirts would never end up in landfills.

Almost a decade later, we like to think we have the formula down. We listened to our first customers and took their feedback to heart. That’s what helped us hone in on a few important elements that still guide us today:

  • A perfect fit in every undershirt. Guaranteed.
  • TENCEL™ fabric with 4-way stretch.
  • All-day comfort and breathability.
  • Moisture-absorbing and odor protection.
  • Sustainable garment production.

Today, we continue to test our undershirts to ensure they meet the highest standards for quality and comfort. Most importantly, we’re committed to designing undershirts you can always feel confident in.