Professional Reviews

The Gents Staff
Gents Among Men

“No rising, No billowing. We managed to get through a whole day without a single untuck from under our made-to-measure shirts.”

Valet Mag

“The problem with most undershirts is that they’re just T-shirts. UnderFit’s shirts are made from lightweight yet durable fabrics with a touch of stretch and are designed to be worn under your shirts.”

The Undershirt Guy

“Gotta tell you, it’s a very nice product. Good fit, good feel, good price. Comparatively, the UnderFit fits and feels very close (or as nice as) to the more expensive micromodal/lycra undershirts that are priced in the $30+ range.”

Off The Cuff

“If there is a better purpose-built undershirt out there, we have yet to find it.”

Customer Reviews

Paul Moret
Commercial Airline Pilot

“As a pilot for a commercial airline, I spend half the week traveling out of a suitcase. It’s amazing it took me this long to find such a great undershirt! I will never go back to the regular cotton undershirt. The underfit looks great under my uniform shirt and doesn’t bunch up like an old cotton shirt. It also wicks the water away and keeps me dry instead of holding the moisture like a cotton shirt does. Lastly it takes up about a third of the amount of space that a typical undershirt would, making them easier to pack and giving me more room in my suitcase. Thanks for making such a great product!”

Zvonimir Vrbanec
Loyal Customer

“Without any exaggeration I can say this purchase was one of the best choices I have ever made – a top-notch product, with a perfect price/quality ratio and above expectation performance! The best way to explain how did they perform is to say I completely forgot I’m wearing any undershirt at all! All the ‘features’ work in such a great synergy making this really the perfect undershirt! What I liked the most was a superb temperature regulation during the whole day. There were no ‘leaks’ under my armpits and the material is unbelievably odor resistant, even at the end of a day! Keep up with the good work and never compromise with the quality and high standards to make something great, even better!”

Ian Merrifield
Loyal Customer

“You have an amazing product. I’ve been wearing them through several iterations. I’ve tried your competitors, so I want to tell you that UnderFit is my favorite of them all. Second is Tommy John and Mr Davis and Mack Weldon are far third place. I’ll be buying more whites in a few months. The fabric is 100% spot on with the current version. I would be upset if you changed the composition, for me it’s perfect. The sleeve length is also perfect (one of my big complaints with Mack Weldon is sleeve length). I wear undershirts daily throughout the year and the other guys forget that short sleeves still wear undershirts. The other problem I have with davis and mack is that they opted to stitch the shirt with seams running cross torso vs the traditional shirt construction of shoulders. The reason why cross torso seams ARE a problem is if I’m wearing a shirt that the undershirt may show through, then the SEAMS show through and it looks stupid. Raise your hand if you like to look stupid. I see, no hands.”

Dr. Michael Travis

“I wear these daily under my scrubs and love the soft and comfortable fabric.”

Aaron Kaskowitz
Loyal Customer

“I’ve been in need of an underwear upgrade and I’m glad I checked these out. The undershirts are awesome and the underwear fits the bill too.”

Eric Coates
Loyal Customer

“The underwear is comfortable and breathes well. I particularly like the length and how they give a light hug to the legs.”