All About Undershirts

Ever wondered how an undershirt can keep off the chills in winter but then also help to keep you cool in summer? Here we answer you questions about undershirts in general. Why you should wear one, what material to look for, and how they work.

I can find cheaper 10 or even 20-packs of undershirts anywhere. Why would I pay so much for just one undershirt?

How do UnderFit shirts fit? What size should I order?

Is it true that UnderFit undershirts actually stay tucked-in all day long?

Fit & Feel

We design our undershirts to have a specific fit and feel. Learn more about it here.

How is the undershirt tailored to fit?

Will it pull my belly in?

Will it feel tight?

What if I try it on and don’t like it?

If your undershirt doesn’t fit…drop us a line! Questions? Concerns? Compliments? We are here for you via email, or text.

Our regular support team hours are:

Monday–Friday 10am–9pm EST

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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