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The biggest question we get from skeptics is why anyone would pay $30 for a single undershirt. But as the saying goes, “buy cheap, buy twice.”

We create undershirts you can wear day in, day out for years without losing their soft texture, shape, color, or moisture-wicking and anti-odor capabilities.

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You don’t need a six-pack to rock an UnderFit.

Our slim fit undershirts are intuitively designed to mold to your form, instantly creating a slimmer profile without giving you that annoying “fabric pouch” you get from cheaper cotton undershirts when they’re tucked in.

Buttery Soft & Sustainable

Most clothing companies use viscose or just plain cotton, both of which require huge amounts of toxic chemicals, deforestation, and water waste just to create cheap basics.

By using a TENCEL™ fabric blend in our undershirts, we’ve developed a closed-loop production system that eliminates water waste and ensures all of our shirts completely biodegradable.

It’s Easy to See Why People Get Obsessed

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Gotta tell you, it’s a very nice product. Good fit, good feel, good price. Comparatively, the UnderFit fits and feels very close (or as nice as) to the more expensive micromodal/lycra undershirts.

The Undershirt Guy

No rising, No billowing. We managed to get through a whole day without a single untuck from under our made-to-measure shirts.

The Gents Staff
Gents Among Men

The problem with most undershirts is that they’re just T-shirts. UnderFit’s shirts are made from lightweight yet durable fabrics with a touch of stretch and are designed to be worn under your shirts.

Valet Staff
Valet Mag