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V-Neck vs. Crew Necks: Picking the Right Undershirt

Leigh McKenzie • September 17, 2020

Leigh McKenzie
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You’ll find undershirts being used everywhere, in whatever region, culture, and class level.

These shirts are used in different ways and are sold in a wide range of styles, which is a big plus. What’s even better is that wearers can play with an array of possibilities based on their creativity.

You can quickly search online for undershirts that will match your style, body structure, and size. If you want a unique approach, you can go for custom-made designs by sending images to a manufacturer and request to have it printed on the shirt.

Due to how versatile undershirts are, you must try out various types to know which ones fit your body type perfectly.

The basics of wearing shirts revolve around variations involving the neckline, fit, design, and pattern resulting in many undershirt styles sold nowadays.

There are many types of undershirts to choose from, but two of the most popular ones are the V-neck and crew neck.

What Is a V-Neck Undershirt?

The V-neck is a shirt design with a neckline shaped just like the letter V. These undershirts have become a trendy choice ever since they were first used to hide open collar fabric when wearing other shirts over them.

A V-neck is great when you want your face to look more angular and longer, which a lot of individuals find desirable. This may be why many people with a squarer or rounder face like going for a V-neck.

Besides the ability to change physical perception, V-necks can also add to your sense of style because they are considered as modern garments. However, a lot of people still enjoy wearing traditional crew neck designs until now.

High-quality V-necks are a practical option for an undershirt. They absorb great and offer a more casual look than other designs.

The standard V-neck men’s undershirts, however, are more or less made for function rather than style. This means that their necklines are high and can easily be seen at the neck, even if you just have a single button down.

If you want to avoid this look, you might want to consider going for a deep V-neck. You don’t have to go overboard but just enough so that the garment isn’t easily seen even when two buttons are down.

Wearing deep V-neck t-shirts all the time isn’t necessary, as you should only use them mostly during warm weather.

When to Wear a V-Neck Undershirt

For people who want to appear taller, slimmer, or simply want to create the illusion of length, the V-neck tee is the way to go.

This design is going to satisfy users since V-necks can naturally make one’s neck more elongated while also providing balance for wider or rounder face types.

Even if you decide to open the first button of your shirt, a V-neck undershirt will still be invisible. This characteristic makes the V-neck an excellent choice for a layer under dress shirts, blazers, polo shirts, or V-neck sweaters. It is also an ideal option for wearing together with a V-neck jumper.

At UnderFit, you can find V-neck undershirts available in two colors that you can use to mix and match different styles. We have a fit chart that you can check out right now to see for yourself.

What Is a Crew Neck Undershirt?

The crew neck t-shirt design was pretty much born by the time the first shirt was invented. The US Navy was the first to frequently use this style regularly for their white t-shirts, which were subsequently called gob shirts.
The idea behind the crew neck was to have a shirt without a collar that sits by the base of the neck. The material surrounding the neckline is often ribbed and included separately.

Crew necks make for excellent undershirts because of the sweat protection they offer, mainly when they are well-fitted around the arms and chest.

One thing to keep in mind is that the classic crew neck style does have a high neckline. This means that you will need to keep your dress shirt or similar garment buttoned up to hide the undershirt.

Sometimes you may even find crew neck shirts that can only be worn together with a buttoned necktie or collar, which further limits its use.

When to Wear a Crew Neck Undershirt

If you want a versatile yet effortless effect, you can, for instance, use your crew neck undershirt as a base layer for a crew neck jumper.

It’s not ideal to have a round neck shirt beneath your main outfit since these can show. Keep in mind that the golden rule for undershirts is that they should not be visible.

Wearing a crew neck shirt is an outstanding choice when relaxing during the weekends or days off. People can pair them together with a bomber jacket when heading down with the boys at the local pub or even below a blazer if you can wear them at work.

The only time crew neck undershirts can work despite being visible is for people who have sloping shoulders or are slim enough to get away with it. Its shape brings attention to the top part of the body, creating the illusion that the wearer has square shoulders.

Most people who wear a crew neck will appear broader and better proportioned. Apart from that, the more sizable neckline of the crew neck tee gives balance to wearers that have narrower face shapes or longer necks.

Why Wearing an Undershirt Under a Dress Shirt Is Essential

You might be wondering whether or not you should wear an undershirt underneath your dress shirt. Although there are different rules for different occasions, the answer to this question is generally yes.

Let’s take a look at three main reasons why wearing an undershirt underneath a dress shirt is essential.

An Undershirt Protects Your Dress Shirt

The most important reason why you should wear a quality undershirt is primarily to protect the dress shirt you’re wearing. This type of garment helps in absorbing sweat, stopping perspiration from reaching your main outfit.

For many people, visible stains around the armpits can be embarrassing. An undershirt worn as a layer to your dress shirt can help you be more confident since you won’t have to worry about sweat showing up around your underarms.

The undershirts we have at UnderFit are made using a unique combination of materials that allow our shirts to absorb and evaporate perspiration quickly. Apart from that, our undershirt fabric regulates temperature exceptionally well, which you can wear during both hot and cold weather.

An Undershirt Gives You Extra Privacy

There are a few reasons why wearing a dress shirt alone can give you less privacy. One of the main things is that thin dress shirts can often appear translucent when subjected to intense lights. Parts of the torso can easily show through a dress shirt, especially when you have chest hair, which is a thing that most men try to avoid.

Wearing an undershirt will give you that extra layer of privacy between your body and your dress shirt. This lets you stay worry-free knowing that specific types of lighting won’t make your torso easily seen.

An Undershirt Gives an Additional Layer

There’s a high probability that you will catch a cold if you head outside during chilly weather with just a dress shirt covering your top. If you have an undershirt, you’ll have an additional layer of insulation to help you keep warm while you are outdoors.

Wearing undershirts can also save you from having to wear thicker outer layers and even potentially ruining the look you want.

How Can I Know the Right Undershirt Fit?

The fit of any piece of clothing is the cornerstone of having the right style. Although we often consider the dimension of most garments we like to wear, it’s equally important to get the proper measurement for your undershirts, too.

Choosing the wrong fit for an undershirt is a waste of money, even if you get the right cut and color to match your style.

A poorly fitted shirt can also result in added bulk or scrunching that makes it evident that you’re wearing something underneath your main outfit.

To prevent this kind of problem, you want to ensure that your undershirts fit well around your upper body. Be sure that you tuck in your shirt into your pants to avoid any bunching near the midsection.

Overall, wearing an undershirt should make you feel comfortable while allowing it to conform to the shape of your body. Great fitting shirts also allow sufficient breathability and shouldn’t feel stuffy to wear.

Selecting the right fit is also important when choosing how much weight you wish to add to your outfit. Going for the thick cotton undershirts are ideal for adding a layer of warmth during cold weather.

For the summer season, you will want to go with the lighter materials such as a 50/50 blend that can help cool down and get rid of sweat.

Most undershirts eventually sag, stain, and stretch after they have been worn and washed many times.

To avoid embarrassing situations, you should just toss them away and purchase a new set of fresh undershirts when the time comes.

Meanwhile, at UnderFit, we use a particular type of fabric blend of 95% modal and 5% spandex. Compared to cotton, modal is better in terms of softness, moisture absorption, and temperature regulation.

The spandex material we use improves the wear resistance of our products, allowing UnderFit undershirts to last long even after countless uses.

These traits make UnderFit V-neck and crew neck undershirts far superior to the standard fabric blends used by most manufacturers.

Should I Wear an Undershirt With a Suit?

Whether you’re attending an interview, wedding, business meeting, or other formal events, you probably should wear a suit to match the occasion. Since you already have an idea of the benefits an undershirt offers, you probably also want to know whether you can wear one with your suit or not.

Generally, you’ll want to wear an undershirt with your suit for the following benefits.

It Adds Insulation to Your Suit

Like we mentioned earlier, a common reason why men typically wear undershirts with a suit is because of the added warmth and protection it brings from the elements.

Depending on the season and the fabric of your outfit, wearing an undershirt can provide invaluable insulation to keep you comfortable and warm.

Having an undershirt beneath a lightweight linen suit, for example, can make a massive difference in terms of comfort level when going out during winter.

The extra layer provided by an undershirt can reduce the rate of heat loss, keeping you warm while you are outdoors.

It Protects From Deodorant and Sweat Stains

Besides adding comfort and warmth, an undershirt worn underneath a suit can also give extra protection from damage.

As typical with most men, deodorant stains can be a problem for dress shirts worn with suits. This scenario can lead to an unsightly appearance and will also damage your shirts in the long run.

A quick solution would be to choose a gel-type for a deodorant rather than going for a solid. Gels usually absorb into the skin while minimizing fabric stains.

However, if you like your solid deodorants, wearing an undershirt with a suit can be an alternative against staining.

It Wicks Moisture Away From the Body

If you’re working outside or in a labor-intensive position, then constant perspiration is probably part of your job.

Without an undershirt, the sweat from your body can quickly go into your dress shirt and suit, making you feel damp for the rest of the day.

Wearing an undershirt that is moisture-wicking can help you avoid this uncomfortable scenario. Rather than just absorbing perspiration, undershirt fabrics are great at keeping sweat away from the body to evaporate.

Our products at UnderFit are made using materials that are outstanding when it comes to helping moisture evaporate.

The modal and spandex fabrics in our undershirts also inhibit the growth of bacteria, especially around the underarms.

Whether you need undershirts for warmth, protection from stains, or to be breathable enough to help with moisture, this type of shirt can be beneficial for suit-wearing individuals.

Additional Tips When Wearing Undershirts

The following are some tips that will help you maximize your use of undershirts.

An Undershirt Is Not a T-Shirt

It is vital to note that undershirts are not t-shirts. As they are intended for layering, these shirts are generally more lightweight and thinner than a regular tee.

Undershirts used to be ribbed since it allows them to stretch more, making it more comfortable to wear.
The easiest way to describe an undershirt is that it is a shirt designed to be worn under other garments. This means t-shirts and undershirts have different functions. They are also made using different fabrics and are sized differently.

T-shirts are generally heavier and thicker compared to undershirts. They are intended to be worn alone. Undershirts, meanwhile, are made to match with other pieces of clothing and worn underneath.

You should avoid wearing an undershirt like a t-shirt and vice versa. Using both of these garments the way they are meant to be will make you feel more comfortable while enjoying the benefits they offer.

If you plan to wear something underneath your dress shirt or a similar outfit, an undershirt gets the job done as it isn’t too big, too stiff, and too thick.

You Aren’t Limited to Just Black and White

Ideally, you want to wear undergarments that match your skin color, so you shouldn’t limit yourself to just black or white undershirt selections. There are other popular colors as well, including heather grey and beige.

You might find this odd at first, but wearing a skin-colored undershirt is going to be less visible compared to having the standard plain black or white shirt.

Remember that skin tones vary for each person, so try to choose one that fits yours as much as possible.

Here at UnderFit, you can find white and beige colored undershirts, which are two standard colors for these undergarments.

People can purchase our shirts in 3, 5, and 10 packs depending on their needs. If you are not satisfied with our product, you can return them any time with no questions asked!

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