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Undershirt Or Not? Why & When To Wear One

Leigh McKenzie • March 24, 2022

Leigh McKenzie
Co-Owner & Head of Growth at UnderFit. Addicted to sports, coffee, sushi and tacos.
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An outfit can make or break an occasion, be it an important interview, a meeting on a big business deal, or a date with someone special.

Everything needs to be in place — from your choice of top to what type of shoes you’ll wear.

At one point, most males may have asked themselves, “Should I wear an undershirt with this outfit?”

We, at UnderFit, are here to break down the basics and purposes of wearing undershirts.

Why You Should Wear an Undershirt

Undershirts for Protection

The primary purpose of an undershirt is to protect your clothes, be it dress shirts, tuxes, and the like.

Undershirts are especially useful for men who sweat profusely. Wearing one doesn’t just hide your sweat stains. It also protects your clothes from body oils and makes your clothing last longer.

People who use undershirts should not worry about embarrassing pit stains that could potentially ruin a good night or day.

Wearing an undershirt can also prevent deodorant stains. These stains are the yellow or white marks caused by salt and other deodorant chemicals.

Undershirts for Added Privacy

Thin clothing is especially useful during hot summer days. However, these clothes may give away everything you’ve been hiding. Hence, an undershirt works best to mask the things that make people a little less confident.

Whether it’s the nipples, gynecomastia (man boobs), or hairy chests, undershirts can help conceal them all.

Undershirts for Extra Layers

Guys who get cold quickly or live in places with cold weather may benefit from the added insulation of certain types of undershirts.

Undershirts allow you to wear your favorite looks whatever the season. No need to ruin your style by wearing thick outer layers over your go-to fashion pieces!

Undershirt 101

Undershirts are articles of clothing worn under different kinds of clothes for protection from body odors and sweat.

Think of undershirts as underwear— they should be invisible. Undershirts are made from different fabrics, but generally, they are designed to be thin and stretchy so that they don’t show.

They can be made from cotton, modal blends (a mix of cotton and synthetic fibers), merino wool, and modern, synthetic fabrics designed to be moisture-wicking.

When a piece of fabric is moisture-wicking, it moves (wicks) sweat to the outer surface of the clothes and helps dry sweat quickly. For this reason, the material does not absorb high amounts of sweat.

Several factors make a great undershirt. In developing our line, we, at UnderFit, have taken these to heart. High-quality undershirts offer the following:

  • Protection – An antiperspirant undershirt should protect your clothes from sweat and body odors. UnderFit has superb temperature regulation that can also shield you from the cold.
  • Comfort – Undershirts should be made from incredibly soft fabrics, like products from UnderFit. These materials should also help the skin breathe.
  • Soft fabric – UnderFit’s undershirts are 95% modal and 5% lycra. These fabric materials give the brand’s products that super soft feel.
  • Snug fit – Undershirts should be close-fitting. They should hug the biceps and the waistline to avoid bunching and bulks from forming.
  • Cover – A good undershirt conceals body parts that some men are uncomfortable to reveal, such as nipples, chest hair, and man boobs.

When to Wear an Undershirt

Undershirts and Polos

Polo shirts are typically worn as a base layer close to the body. Wearing an undershirt is not recommended when one is wearing a polo because it can add bulkiness to the outfit.

If you still prefer to wear an undershirt with your polo, it’s best to get one with a neckline that won’t be seen, like UnderFit’s V-necks.

Undershirts and Dress Shirts

When wearing a dress shirt, it is imperative that you also have an undershirt if you want your dress shirt to last longer. As mentioned, undershirts are a protective layer against sweat, stains, and odors.

A V-neck undershirt gives you that sweat protection while remaining unseen even when the top button is undone. A deep V-neck is required if you plan to open two dress shirt buttons or more.

Men who want to wear button-down shirts should wear V-neck undershirts so they can unbutton their dress shirt whenever they feel like it. Even if they remove their tie, this type of undershirt still will not show.

Button-up shirts, meanwhile, can be worn with crew necks from UnderFit. Necklines from our undershirts don’t gape and are flat most of the time, giving you that sleek look that works well with completely buttoned-up dress shirts and ties.

Crew neck undershirts are also perfect for men who want to conceal their hairy chests.

Undershirts and Suits

Suits are expensive, so we could all use that protective layer from sweats and stains that undershirts offer. When picking an undershirt for your suit, go for one with a lighter color than your dress shirt.

UnderFit’s white undershirts are a go-to when clients are looking for the perfect pair for their suit. Similarly, undershirts should also be worn with a tuxedo, mostly for hygiene purposes.

The good news is UnderFit’s high-quality undershirts will remain invisible underneath the bib front tuxedo shirt while absorbing all those sweat.

Fun events, like weddings, can lead to a full night of partying. If you don’t want to get your tux drenched in sweat, UnderFits are what you need.

Undershirts and Sweaters

Sweaters are made from delicate fabrics, like cashmere and wool. Without an undershirt, these sweaters could soak in your sweat.

Undershirts are also useful because sweaters are high-maintenance protective wear. These sweaters can’t be laundry-washed every so often because their materials, like wool, shrink in the dryer.

You may opt for dry cleaning. However, that is a far more expensive solution than just buying a handy set of undershirts.

Undershirts may be worn with jackets as well. These undergarments should be snug and extra thin, so their rings do not appear on the upper arm once the jacket is removed.

Things to Remember When Wearing an Undershirt

Look for Undershirts With a Snug Fit

Oversized undershirts could be bulky. They could also reveal creases and wrinkles that do not look neat.

Undersized ones, meanwhile, are uncomfortable and restrictive. Therefore, getting the perfect undershirt size is essential.

Buy one that has small armholes and is long enough, so it doesn’t get untucked frequently.

Also, when choosing an undershirt, the neck opening should have the same size as your dress shirt collar, so it doesn’t bunch around your neck. Use a lightweight undershirt to hide lines and bulky spots.

At UnderFit, we make sure that you get a size that fits you best. We’ve got an online size calculator and a size chart to ensure that the products you purchase feel like they are tailored to your own measurements.

We pride ourselves in having no record of customers complaining about our shirts not being wide enough or long enough.

Undershirts Should Be Invisible

If underwear should not be seen, the same principle applies to undershirts. V-neck undershirts are a safe choice, especially with unbuttoned dress shirts.

High-quality undershirts, like UnderFit, are a little more costly than the rest. Still, they guarantee that they’ll stay invisible, especially during important functions.

If you go with high-quality undershirt brands like UnderFit, you’ll be sure to find the right cut and the right color for your outfit. We guarantee that your UnderFits won’t be seen by others.

Note that undershirts cannot be worn on their own. Their function is different from that of a shirt. In the same way, regular t-shirts cannot be used as undershirts.

Get an Undershirt With the Perfect Color

The white undershirt is practically every man’s go-to. If the dress shirt you are going to wear is darker in color, a white undershirt, like those from UnderFit, would work fine. However, in some cases, it is not always the best choice as white is one of the most visible colors.

Beige undershirts, such as those from UnderFit, are the least visible. They are best paired with white dress shirts that are a little transparent.

When choosing the right undershirt color, one’s skin tone is also a significant factor to consider.

For men with light skin, the best undershirt colors are white, beige, or heather gray (light gray). For dark-skinned men, the best undershirt colors are dark gray, black, or brown.

What Are the Different Undershirt Styles?

We believe that undershirts are essential to a man’s wardrobe. To date, advanced and far newer styles have been developed. However, these new products can be confusing to some males.

Here is a quick guide to the most basic undershirt styles:

  • Crew neck undershirts – These are the most common types of undershirts. Crew neck undershirts are best worn with a tie, as the lines of V-neck undershirts are visible under a fully-buttoned dress shirt.
  • V-neck undershirts – If you plan on unbuttoning your dress shirt or removing your tie, this style is highly recommended
  • Tank top undershirts, known as vest undershirts in the UK – This type is often not recommended as it is sleeveless. It cannot offer protection from armpit stains and cannot absorb as well as other undershirt types. Some tank tops do not cover the body well. Their lines are often visible through the shirt.
  • Compression undershirts – These undershirt types are best worn to flatten out bumps, such as man boobs.

UnderFit’s product line focuses on V-neck and crew neck undershirts because there are more advantages to using these types of undershirts than the other styles.

UnderFit vs. Tank Top Undershirts

Unlike UnderFit’s crew neck and V-necks, tank top undershirts do not provide ample coverage. While they protect the body from sweat and oils, especially the chest area, they are sleeveless. Hence, they cannot protect you from armpit stains.

Men who sweat profusely have little to gain from wearing tank top undershirts. The large armholes of tank tops provide no underarm protection at all.

Compared with other undershirt types, tank tops are cheaper. However, they are useful only for those who want to wear short-sleeved and low-necked summer shirts.

UnderFit is primarily made of modal fabric, a semi-synthetic material that is blended with Tencel fibers.
Tencel fibers manage moisture and regulate temperature. They have smooth fiber structures that help avoid skin irritations. These features guarantee that our UnderFit products will give you freshness that lasts all day long.

UnderFit vs. Compression Undershirts

Compression undershirts have gained popularity for their usefulness during workouts and outdoor activities, such as hiking.

They are made of microfiber and synthetic materials designed to move moisture away from the body. This feature is what makes users feel dryer.

However, compression shirts are not recommended as undershirts for dress shirts and other clothes because of their designs and styles.

Typically, these types of undershirts come in dark or bright colors, with patterns and logos that may be visible through the shirt.

As mentioned, plain white or heather gray undershirts are more recommended for users with lighter skin. Meanwhile, dark-colored undershirts work best for those with darker skin complexion, as long as the undershirt’s shade is darker than the dress shirt.

Like compression shirts, UnderFit’s undershirts are designed for optimum moisture management. The advantage of UnderFit products is that our designs are minimal, thus, more subtle.

We’ve also streamlined our color options to two shades: white and beige. These colors cater to a broader market in terms of skin tone.

UnderFit vs. T-Shirts

T-shirts are not undershirts. Usually, their fit is not as snug as that of undershirts. Hence, wearing a t-shirt could result in visible lines through one’s shirt.

Shirts are also not made of lightweight material. They are heavier, baggier, and bulkier.

Usually, shirts are made of 100% cotton, which makes them not as breathable and as light as undershirts, like UnderFit.

T-shirts are also usually shorter, so they cannot be tucked in for much longer, unlike undershirts.

Meanwhile, UnderFit’s stretchable material hugs the biceps and the waistline to remove “t-shirt bulks” that form in shirts and low-quality undershirts.

UnderFit products are also moisture-wicking, helping men keep dry and fresh.

UnderFit and White Dress Shirts

It takes a lot of confidence for men to wear white-colored shirts during casual and formal events. White is a classic choice that is easily paired with several types of pants and suits.

However, the main problem with wearing white dress shirts is that they can be see-through. A sheer white dress shirt could give people a negative image. It may signal carelessness and sloppiness.

Men are encouraged to wear undershirts to avoid having to deal with situations involving translucent shirts.

The best color paired with white shirt dresses is actually not a white undershirt. A beige-colored one works best, especially for those with lighter skin.

Meanwhile, heather grey (light grey) is recommended for those with darker complexions.

UnderFit has high-quality white and beige undershirts to choose from. They are made from breathable materials that guarantee freshness throughout the day or night.

Whether they’re crew neck or V-neck, we’ve designed them with your comfort in mind.

If you’re not that happy with the product, we’ve got a friendly return policy where there will be no questions from our end. That’s how much we value your satisfaction. It also shows how confident we are that you’re getting the best products that only we, at UnderFit, can give!

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