The 2022 Male Fashion Index

The Biggest Brands, Trends, and Influencers in Male Fashion

2022 is a big year for male fashion, and everything you need to know about the current male fashion environment has been revealed at Underfit. Through analyzing Google search data and Instagram information, the biggest male fashion brands, trends, and influencers across the globe have been identified.

Each Country’s Favorite Male Fashion Brand

Ever wondered what the most popular male fashion brand is in your country? Or your neighbor’s country, or any country across the world? Look no further than this list of every country’s most popular male fashion brands.

The most common biggest male fashion brand on Google is Converse, the most-searched-for male fashion brand in 20 countries around the world. In close second is Tommy Hilfiger, the biggest male fashion brand in 19 countries.

2022’s Biggest Male Fashion Brands

1. Converse – 92,020,000 Annual Global Searches

Converse received a massive 92 million global searches over the last year, making it the most searched male fashion brand on our list of 129 male fashion brands. Converse is one of the biggest shoe brands specializing in sneakers, apparel, and accessories, and is active across the globe.

2. Uniqlo – 87,660,000 Annual Global Searches

The world’s runner-up is Uniqlo, with 87 million annual searches. Uniqlo is internationally recognized as a casual clothes shop and began its life as ‘Men’s Shop OS’ in Japan before expanding across the world. This Japan-based company has found international success and is our second most-searched-for men’s fashion brand globally.

4. Levi’s – 63,570,000 Annual Global Searches

The second footwear brand to make up our top five most searched for men’s fashion brands is New Balance, with over 71 million annual searches globally. New Balance is one of the world’s biggest sports footwear manufacturers and is an American company founded back in 1906.

5. Tommy Hilfiger – 58,600,000 Annual Global Searches

Rounding off our top five most-searched male fashion brands is Tommy Hilfiger, with over 58 million annual searches. Tommy Hilfiger is a premium fashion brand and manufactures everything from apparel, suits, footwear, accessories, and fragrances to home furnishings. This American company is headquartered in the Netherlands.

The Biggest Male Fashion Influencers

1. Mariano di Vaio

Followers – 6,600,000
Average Likes per Post – 84,427
Influencer Score – 9.84

Italian blogger, fashion designer, and actor, Mariano di Vaio is our biggest male fashion influencer with an influencer score of 9.84. Mariano achieves this with a whopping follower count of 6.6 million and average likes on his Instagram posts of just shy of 85,000. Mariano’s Instagram handle is @marianodivaio.

2. Luka Sabbat

Followers – 3,100,000
Average Likes per Post – 101,598
Influencer Score – 9.68

Our runner-rip is Luka Sabbat, an American model, and cultural influencer. With an impressive follower count of 3.1 million and achieving average likes above Mariano di Vaio of over 100,000, Luka earns an influencer score of 9.68. You can access Luka’s Instagram page at @lukasabbat.

3. Jose Zuniga

Followers – 1,400,000
Average Likes per Post – 50,978
Influencer Score – 8.87

Jose Zuniga operates the successful Instagram page ‘teachingmensfashion’, and is an American YouTuber and Entrepreneur, best known for creating hairstyles and clothing tutorials on his YouTube channel. Jose’s Instagram account, teachingmensfashion, can be found here @teachingmensfashion.

4. Jim Chapman

Followers – 2,100,000
Average Likes per Post – 11,148
Influencer Score – 8.71

Jim Chapman is an English YouTuber, model, and writer. Jim has released his first book, titled 147 Things, and is a monthly editor for British GQ fashion magazine. With 2.1 million followers and 11,000 average likes, Jim earns an influencer score of 8.71. Take a look at Jim’s Instagram at @jimchapman.

5. Nikita Dobrynin

Followers – 1,200,000
Average Likes per Post – 38529
Influencer Score – 8.55

Completing our top five biggest male fashion influencers is Nikita Dobrynin, with an influencer score of 8.55. Nikita is a Russian influencer best known for starring in The Bachelor Ukraine season 9. Nikita has over 1 million followers on Instagram. You can take a peruse of Nikita’s Instagram at @nikitadobrynin.

2022’s Favorite Male Fashion Trends

1. Chelsea Boots

Annual Global Searches – 8,252,000
Instagram Hashtags – 473,061
Trend Score – 9.85

Without a doubt, Chelsea boots are in style in 2022, with a trend score of 9.85 calculated from a whopping 8 million global searches on Google and 473,000 hashtags on Instagram. Chelsea boots have design features that make them unmistakable and versatile with any outfit.

2. Fleece

Annual Global Searches – 2,919,000
Instagram Hashtags – 893,564
Trend Score – 9.4

With coronavirus and work-from-home trends prioritizing cozy fashion for almost two years, men’s fleeces have finally become a well-deserved fashion trend in 2022. With over 2 million annual searches and almost 900,000 hashtags on Instagram, fleeces are here to stay. Fleeces keep you warm during chilly weather or comfy during any day at home.

3. Vests

Annual Global Searches – 5,900,000
Instagram Hashtags – 187,759
Trend Score – 9.09

The sweater with no sleeves, vests are our third biggest men’s fashion trend of 2022 with a trend score of 9.09. Vests saw almost 6 million searches on Google over the last year and occupy 187,000 hashtags on Instagram. Over recent years, sweater vests have become a well-known fashion staple for all genders.

4. Varsity Jackets

Annual Global Searches – 7,463,000
Instagram Hashtags – 70,467
Trend Score – 8.64

In fourth place on our list of biggest men’s fashion trends are varsity jackets with a trend score of 8.64. According to Vogue, models and attendees favored colorful vintage varsity jackets during the autumn/winter shows in New York, London, Milan, and Paris 2022, with many adorned with playful badges and classic appliqués.

5. Pinstripes

Annual Global Searches – 2,109,000
Instagram Hashtags – 164,535
Trend Score – 8.49

Pinstripes hit our top five male fashion trends and are topping many fashion charts right now. A blend of elegance and minimalism, pinstripes are versatile with any outfit or look. With over 2 million searches and 164,000 Instagram hashtags, pinstripes earn a trend score of 8.49, completing our list of the top five biggest male fashion trends for 2022.


Instagram followers and hashtags were taken from Instagram using a list of 32 male fashion influencers. Influencer average likes per post were taken from Influencer Marketing Hub. Influencer scores were calculated by combining and ranking both the influencer’s number of followers and average likes. 

Global Annual Searches were recorded from Google using a list of 34 male fashion trends and 129 male fashion brands. Trend scores were calculated by combining and ranking both the search data and Instagram data for each trend.