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The Top 20 Undershirts Based on Price, Comfort, Durability, and Convenience

Leigh McKenzie • June 30, 2020

Leigh McKenzie
Co-Owner & Head of Growth at UnderFit. Addicted to sports, coffee, sushi and tacos.
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Have you had enough of having to deal with sweaty armpits, deodorant marks, sweat stains, and nipples showing through? So have we.

That’s why we’re listing down the top 20 men’s undershirt brands on the market today to compare brands. Then you’ll see why UnderFit is the best choice when it comes to undershirts.

We want to make it quick and easy for you to see how they fare based on several criteria that really matter: price, comfort, durability, and convenience.

Hopefully, the next time you buy another undershirt, you won’t settle for just “good enough” and actually get the most satisfaction for every buck you spend.
Value vs. Price
Here’s a quick summary of our top choices for men’s undershirts for 2020. In this table, we’re comparing value vs. price.

Value is based on the comfort, durability, and convenience that one gets from the purchase and use of a specific undershirt brand. The price is for every shirt.

We’re comparing the value that consumers get based on the type of material used: modal, modal blend (modal + other fabrics), cotton, cotton blends, and other fabric/blends.

Brand/ProductValue You’ll LovePrice
  • 95% Lenzing modal + 5% Lycra
  • Moisture-wicking, effectively combats odor
  • Soft and lustrous, tagless, body-hugging comfort
  • Long enough to stay tucked all day- Strong and resilient to frequent washing
$24- $26
Tani Men
SilkCut V-Neck
  • 94% Micro Modal Air + 6% elastane
  • Thinner and softer than most types of silk
  • Moisture-wicking, stretchy fit
David Archy
  • 90% Micro Modal Air + 10% spandex
  • Form-fitting and quick-drying
  • Uses flatten lines sewing technique
Tommy John
  • 90% micro modal + 10% spandex
  • Guarantees no EFG (excess fabric gut)
  • Lay-flat, stretch rib memory (visco-elastic) collar
Mack Weldon
18-Hour Jersey V-Neck
  • 47.5% cotton, 47.5% Lenzing modal, and 5% Lycra
  • Soft, consistent slim fit
  • Shirt stays tucked
Under Armour
Crew Neck
  • 47% cotton + 47% modal + 6% elastane
  • Prevents odor-causing microbes
  • 4-way stretch construction for easy movement
Ministry of Supply
Responsive V-Neck
  • Made from coffee + 100% recycled polyester
  • Moisture-wicking, insulating, and waterproof
  • Neutralizes odor, dries faster than cotton
Lacoste Men
  • Made of Supima cotton
  • Twice as strong as regular cotton
  • Comfortable and durable
$30 – $42
Element Tee
  • Made of Pima cotton
  • Uses Silvertech technology to fight odor
  • Available in a cobalt color
Polo Ralph Lauren
Crew Neck
  • 100% moisture-wicking cotton
  • Soft and breathable, for sensitive skin
  • All-day comfort
$39 – $47
Square-Cut Tank
  • 100% breathable cotton
  • Ribbed and tagless for itch-free comfort
  • Cut close for a comfortable fit
$20 – $40
Hanes Men
Crew Neck
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Uses FreshIQ and ComfortSoft
  • Tag-free, lay-flat collar for comfort
Calvin Klein Men
  • 100% breathable cotton
  • Tagless, does not cling to the body
  • Soft but durable, even with frequent machine wash
$19 – $95
Thompson Tee
Crew Neck
  • 90% combed cotton + 10% polyester
  • Built-in sweat pads
  • Hydro-shield technology stops underarm sweating
$28 – $52
Fruit of the Loom Beyondsoft Crewneck
  • 80% polyester + 20% cotton
  • Ultimate softness and durability
  • Comes in more sizes than most brands
Lululemon Men
5-Year Basic Tee
  • Made from seaweed + pima cotton + lyocell
  • Preshrunk for an athletic fit
  • Breathable, lightweight, and stretchy
$58.00 – $88.00
Crew Neck
  • Heattech bio-warming fabric turns moisture into heat
  • Micro-acrylic mesh pockets trap air for insulation
  • Great for cold weather
Big Man Crew Neck
  • Cotton stays bright white and looking new
  • Wide range of sizes (up to a 6XL)
  • Perfect for big and tall men
Compression Crew
  • Soft, breathable cotton in a compression undershirt
  • Great support for bulking midsections
  • Helps improve posture and supports the lower back
Deep V-Neck
  • Mercerized Egyptian mako cotton
  • Circular knitting for a four-way stretch quality
  • Ribbed, double-stitched, banded neckline
$98.00 – $114.00

UnderFit Is All You Need

Whether you’re buying undershirts for work, travel, or daily activities, UnderFit is the perfect choice. Here’s why.

UnderFit is the best undershirt for work.

The modal fabric that UnderFit uses for all its undershirts has antibacterial properties, making it perfect for fighting unpleasant odors from sweat.

The modal fabric also regulates temperature. You’ll stay comfortable and confident with an UnderFit undershirt all day, whether you wear it under your dress shirt or casual work clothes.

If your workplace has its AC on full blast, your UnderFit undershirt can help keep you warm by acting like a protective layer to shield you from the cold.

If you’re prone to sweating, especially during summer, the undershirt’s moisture-wicking property will help keep you feeling cool and fresh.

UnderFit is the best undershirt for travel.

Sweatproof undershirts by UnderFit come with wicking properties that pull sweat from the body and let it evaporate quickly. They are ideal for busy travelers who cannot be bogged down by sweaty armpits.

UnderFit undershirts are easy to keep clean, so you don’t need to bring many when you travel. Two or three shirts will do even for long trips, so you can travel light. While you’re wearing one, the other can quickly go into the wash.

Modal fibers are durable and resilient. They will maintain their original form even after multiple washes. With proper flat drying, UnderFit undershirts will never shrink or need to be pulled to recover its shape.

The crease-free feature is also important when you are away on a business trip, for example. In cases like this, you cannot be bothered by an undershirt ruining your professional look.

UnderFit is the best undershirt for optimum comfort.

UnderFit has made sizing a very serious matter when it comes to undershirt comfort. That’s why our fit chart shows two sizes for certain body types.

The recommended size on our online size chart will give you a slight body-hugging fit. The larger size will just be slightly looser.

Note that UnderFit undershirts are not compression shirts. However, they do provide a snug, close-to-the-body feel that should be just right. With our undershirts, you get the tapered look without the squeeze of a compression shirt.

Choosing the Best Undershirts

Remember to consider these important factors when you’re looking to buy your next pair or pack of quality undershirts.

  1. Protection – You want your undershirt to give you a layer of protection so that your sweat doesn’t stain your outerwear. No man wants to ruin his favorite dress shirt with sweat stains.
  2. Comfort – An undershirt must be so comfortable that you almost forget you’re wearing one. The fabric should let your skin breathe and keep you dry and fresh. It should also move with you.
  3. Style – A great undershirt should not only make you feel good but also look good. It should not interfere with your sense of style. It should be chic enough to wear on its own or pair with your favorite dress shirt.
  4. Price – You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your hands on high-quality undershirts. Do your homework and read customer reviews, comparing value vs. prices.
  5. Improved Posture – Quality undergarments not only give you a tapered look but may also improve your posture. When you feel good about the way you look, you tend to stand or sit up taller and pull your shoulders outward. This simple change can help improve posture.
  6. Confidence Boost – People may not see your undershirt, but if it’s that great, they will surely see how it makes you feel. A great undershirt can make or break your day, so choose one that can complement your style and give you confidence.

We, at UnderFit, had already considered all these factors, and more, when we designed our undershirts.

We know every man wants an undershirt that provides comfort, protection, style, and support whatever the activity or weather. A little confidence boost would help, too.

That’s why we’re confident that when it comes to the criteria that matter most in choosing the best undershirts, UnderFit is the smart and practical choice.

The Top 20 Men’s Undershirts for 2020

  • Invisible V-Neck Undershirt by UnderFit

Price: $24 – $27 for a shirt (Available in packs of 3, 5, and 10)

While our white undershirts are equally recommendable, we, at UnderFit, would like to shine a spotlight this time on our invisible V-neck undershirt.

This V-neck ticks all the boxes when it comes to price, comfort, durability, and convenience. No wonder it’s one of our fastest-selling undershirts.

Made with a fabric blend of 95% Lenzing modal and 5% Lycra (also called spandex), this undershirt is lustrous and incredibly soft with a bit of a stretch and flexibility for a flattering fit.

Modal fabric is best known for its moisture-wicking property. It draws sweat from your skin so you’ll stay dry, cool, and comfortable. Its superb temperature regulation makes it an ideal undershirt for whatever weather.

Modal fabric is also exceptionally ecological as it only needs minimal energy and other resources to produce. Wearing an undershirt made of modal will not only make you look good. You’ll also feel great knowing that you’re saving the planet.

Lycra, meanwhile, helps the fabric stretch and adapt to your body. It helps tuck in some bumps and lumps, smoothing out your figure (and maybe some chest hair, too).

UnderFit’s fabric blend is designed to be breathable yet still able to hug your biceps and waistline. This feature also effectively eliminates lines and bulkiness around your middle, giving you that seamless, tailored look.

With UnderFit, you can wear your undershirts with confidence. Our shirts are extra long so that they stay tucked all day.

Gone are the days when you would have to constantly check your undershirts to see if they have come untucked. We call that convenience.

Our invisible V-neck undershirt is like a chameleon. It beautifully adapts and blends with a wide range of skin tones.

You can wear this undershirt with your thinnest or lightest-colored outer layers. They stay invisible while giving you a layer of protection.

Another important feature of UnderFit undershirts is durability. You can be sure that the shirts will retain their shape and form for a long time. We designed them to endure countless cycles in the washer and dryer.

SilkCut V-Neck by Tani Men

Price: $55

Whether you wear them as outerwear by itself or as innerwear, Tani’s V-neck undershirts will provide all-day comfort.

Like UnderFit, Tani’s undershirts are perfect for active men, whether they’re working out in the gym, training, engaged in a sport, or doing physical work all day.

Tani’s patented fabric is a blend of 94% Micro Modal Air and 6% elastane (also known as Lycra or spandex, which is one of the most popular synthetic fibers). Tani’s modal fabric content is just a bit less than that of UnderFit.

Micro Modal Air wicks away sweat and moisture to keep you feeling cool and dry. The inclusion of elastane gives that stretchy fit.

Tani’s material is specially knitted in Europe. It is much thinner and softer than most types of silk.

Because Tani uses modal, like UnderFit, their undershirt’s silky feel conforms to your body shape and moves along with you. You may want to size up for an extra room, though.

Another plus for this undershirt is that you will not find any hem or sleeve stitching. Tani heat-bonds the sleeves and neck in Italy to create that clean and sharp look in their tees.

UnderFit, meanwhile, offers all these features too, even more. But because UnderFit’s price is much more affordable, you’ll get more value for your money.

Ultra Soft Micro Modal V-Neck T-Shirts by David Archy

Price: $44 (Available in packs of 2 or 3)

These undershirts also seem a bit pricey. But with tees made of 90% Micro Modal Air and 10% spandex, you know that David Archy also understands the value of using modal fabric.

Micro Modal Air is the standard of excellence in fabrics when it comes to fineness. As knit fabrics become much lighter and more delicate than ever, the micro modal fabric has gained popularity as a material used in luxurious innerwear.

David Archy’s form-fitting and quick-drying undershirts are soft to the touch and almost invisible under thin button-down tops. Like UnderFit undershirts, David Archy’s tees are functional either as outerwear or underwear.

The flatten lines sewing technique not often seen on the shoulders of undershirts guarantees less friction of seam to your skin. This means you get to move your arms more freely and comfortably.

Again, you’ll see how using modal fabric creates a different level of experience to undershirt fans. UndeFit understands that the modal fabric is the best fabric, so far, that’s ideal to use in undergarments.

Second Skin High V-Neck Stay-Tucked Undershirt by Tommy John

Price $43.00

These silky-soft but durable high cut V-necks are made of 90% non-pilling micro modal and 10% spandex. You’ll get that luxurious feel without having to worry about lint balls or fuzz ever.

Tommy John’s patented tapered design guarantees no EFG (excess fabric gut). The shirts are longer, so they never go untucked. They hug your body but move with you at the same time.

We, at UnderFit, know how frustrating it is to constantly check if your shirt is still tucked. That’s why sizing is so important to us. We have more size options for any body type. Check out our online size calculator here.

Also, with modal fabric, you’ll get 30% more stretch and recovery, so the shirts will keep their shape for years. That’s more value for your money.

Tommy John’s undershirts have a lay-flat, stretch rib memory (visco-elastic) collar to put an end to the unsightly “bacon neck.”

UnderFit understands how a bacon neck can ruin one’s style, so we worked hard to perfect our sizing chart.

Our shirts come in different sizes that would fit any build or shape. You don’t have to worry about bacon necks or untucked shirts ever again.

18-Hour Jersey V-Neck Undershirt by Mack Weldon

Price: $32

Mack Weldon’s patented fabric is a blend of 47.5% cotton, 47.5% Lenzing modal, and 5% Lycra. This fabric trio sits for 18 hours, while it naturally expands before it’s cut.

The result is a fabric that feels softer and fits more consistently. It is now considered as Mack Weldon’s signature blend.

These V-neck undershirts are designed to provide a flattering slim fit. They’re also cut longer so they won’t get untucked. For added comfort, the seams are moved on the front of your shoulder, eliminating friction.

Undershirts from UnderFit contain 95% Lenzing modal, so you get the same features as those from Mack Weldon’s undershirts and more.

Wear our undershirts with confidence. Whatever outerwear you may pair them with, button-down or not, UnderFit V-necks will not show.

Charged Cotton Stretch Crew Undershirt by Under Armour

Price: $40

Under Armour’s crews are made to fit next-to-skin, wicking sweat without the squeeze.

A unique blend of 47% cotton, 47% modal, and 6% elastane effectively draws moisture away from your body and dries them quickly. Anti-odor technology prevents the growth of odor-causing microbes.

Aside from the fabric’s superior breathability, there’s also this soft feel. Thanks to the modal fabric used. You’ll stay dry and comfortable as you go about your activities for the day.

Under Armour’s 4-way stretch construction allows for ease of use and freedom of movement. Just like what you’re sure to experience with UnderFit undershirts, you get more freedom to move comfortably.

UnderFit crew neck undershirts are great as a base layer for any type of outerwear. They’re breathable and will keep you fresh all day.

Men’s Responsive V-Neck by Ministry of Supply

Price: $40

Ministry of Supply has been in the clothing industry for quite some time. They have introduced several breakthrough products in the past years that benefit not only the fashion industry but also Mother Earth.

Ministry of Supply and Singtex, a pioneer in using sustainable yarns and fabrics, use a unique process to create renewable materials while minimizing their footprint and environmental impact.

Their Responsive V-neck undershirts make use of S.Cafe, an assembly of moisture-wicking, odor-limiting, insulating, and waterproof fabrics made from coffee grounds and 100% recycled polyester.

It’s not a surprise that the company is also Climate Neutral-certified. They’re proud to have been carbon-neutral from day zero of production.

UnderFit also cares for the environment. We make sure that none of our products cause harm to our beloved planet. That’s why we use only modal fabric by Lenzing, the producer of the modal raw material.

Modal is a type of rayon fabric made specifically from the fibers of the beech tree. It has become very popular among eco-conscious fashion designers. With modal by Lenzing, you are guaranteed to get the best fabric for your undergarments.

Men’s 100% Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt by Lacoste Men

Price: $30 – $42 (Available in packs of 3)

Supima cotton is one of the distinctive components that sets Lacoste’s undershirts apart from other brands.

Supima cotton fibers are about half an inch longer than that of regular cotton. This is important to know because fiber length determines its quality as well.

Shorter cotton fibers produce a yarn that’s a bit rough. The yarn will also be more likely to pile up on the surface. This is why some undershirts tend to bunch up.

Meanwhile, longer fibers add softness to the material, making them more comfortable to wear. But do not think that the fabric is weak, because it’s actually strong and resistant to pilling over time.

Compared to regular cotton, however, modal’s softness and strong fibers mean that it is far less prone to pilling, shrinking, and wrinkling.

We, at UnderFit, use 95% modal fabric in all of our undershirts. Modal is a type of rayon fabric that is generally more durable than regular rayon but feels softer, like cotton.

Element Tee by Rhone

Price: $54

Pima cotton is a higher-end kind of cotton that produces a superior type of fabric. This fabric is ultra-soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and remarkably durable.

With the use of the Silvertech method, silver threads are woven into the yarn of the fabric. These threads permanently fight odor from sweat.

Rhone believes that undershirts don’t have to look basic. This is why they have their tees also available in an awesome cobalt color

However, we, at UnderFit, offer our undershirts in colors that would match any skin tone. We don’t discriminate.

Our undershirts come in white and beige, both of which are easy to mix and match with any color of outerwear.

Slim-Fit Crew Neck Undershirts by Polo Ralph Lauren

Price: $39 – $47 (Available in packs of 3)

This slim-fit tee crafted by Polo Ralph Lauren from 100% moisture-wicking cotton fabric is ideal for all-day comfort.

The design gives great coverage without the awkward pulling or bunching underneath your outerwear.

The soft and breathable cotton material will not irritate sensitive skin. Available in solid hues, these ribbed crew necks can easily go with any style or color of outerwear.

If comfort and style are equally important to you, then UnderFit tees should be included in your wardrobe staples.

Our undershirts, made of modal fabric and Lycra, will never pull or bunch up underneath. That’s a promise.

Men’s Essential Cotton Square-Cut Tank by 2(X)IST

Price: $20 – $40 (Available in packs of 2)

2(X)IST’s modern square-cut tank tops for men are made with 100% breathable cotton. They’re made to keep you dry and cool by promoting airflow.

The cotton tanks are designed ribbed and tagless for itch-free comfort. They’re cut close for a flattering fit. They’re long enough to be tucked in easily, but they’ll also look good untucked.

No matter your style, you can move freely with confidence knowing that the moisture-wicking material is doing its job.

If you’re into square necklines with straps that show off your shoulders, you’ll love 2(X)IST’s square-cut tank.

Ultimate Men’s FreshIQ ComfortSoft Crew Neck Undershirt by Hanes Men

Price: $26 (Available in packs of 3)

Hanes says they’re the first recognized brand to use odor-control technology in everyday undergarments. Thank you for that.

Hanes also developed their own kind of fabric that has FreshIQ and ComfortSoft. FreshIQ is an antimicrobial finish that literally inhibits bacteria growth. ComfortSoft is 100% premium cotton.

No bacteria means there will be no unpleasant odor, so you’ll feel fresh all day. There’s no need to check for embarrassing body odor every so often. That’s what their ads “End the Smellfie with FreshIQ” was all about.

We, at UnderFit, are confident that our undershirts will not embarrass you with body odor or sweat stains.

Tag-free comfort and lay-flat collar are bonus features that make our undershirts stand out from the rest.  Also, our undershirts come in generous lengths that they can be used by taller men, too. Check out our online size calculator here.

Men’s Cotton Classics, V-Neck T-Shirts by Calvin Klein Men

Price: $19 – $95 (Available in Packs of 3, 5, and 7)

Calvin Klein describes their undershirts as minimalist and essential. They’re chic enough that you can wear them on their own and still rock that casual look.

These undershirts are soft and breathable, as they’re made from 100% cotton. They’re also tagless for itch-free comfort.

V-neck undershirts are practical for everyday use. That’s why we, at UnderFit, have this style in two colors, white and beige. Both colors are available in packs of 3, 5, and 10.

Our V-necks are durable, even with frequent machine wash. That is a plus for convenience, especially for those always on the go.

Original Fit, Crew Neck Sweatproof Undershirt for Men with Underarm Sweat Pads by Thompson Tee

Price: $28 – $52

With Thompson Tee’s built-in underarm sweat pads, it’s like you’re in full battle gear to fight excessive underarm sweat.

The underarm pads are made of 90% combed cotton and 10% polyester. They are seamlessly woven into the shirt’s design, so they don’t stick out like a bulky add-on piece.

Thompson’s proprietary hydro-shield technology promises to totally stop underarm sweating, so you can avoid the embarrassment of sweat marks and yellow pit stains. That feature alone will give you peace of mind and confidence in any situation.

The company also offers a safe, cost-effective, and convenient alternative solution to the agonizing problem of uncontrollable underarm sweating.

They even encourage an open dialogue around hyperhidrosis, a condition brought about by abnormally-excessive sweating that’s not linked to heat or exercise.

We, at UnderFit, also care about your sweat and odor problems. But with our undershirts made with modal, you don’t need those extra padding.

Modal fabric is lightweight. It lets your skin breathe and wicks moisture effectively, without the extra weight from pit pads.

Men’s Beyondsoft White Crewneck T-Shirts by Fruit of the Loom Men

Price: $16 (Available in packs of 5)

Made from 80% polyester and 20% cotton, Beyondsoft white crews provide the ultimate softness and durability that Fruit of the Loom has long been known for. Beyondsoft tees naturally wick moisture away, keeping you dry all day.

This blend of materials offers a comfortable classic fit, without the annoying ride-ups. The shirt stays secure enough to keep you from tucking in your shirt several times throughout the day.

The lay-flat collar, soft covered seams on neck and shoulders, and tag-free feature deliver optimal comfort. The Fruit of the Loom undershirt line also comes in more sizes than most brands on the market.

UnderFit’s perfect blend of modal and Lycra make it superior to other cotton blends. Modal is superb when it comes to moisture absorption and breathability. With UnderFit undershirts, only natural fibers touch your skin.

5-Year Basic Tee Undershirt by Lululemon Men

Price: $58 – $88

This undershirt by Lululemon Men is soft like butter, naturally breathable, lightweight, and stretchy enough to do just about anything. Who doesn’t want that?

The 5-year basic tee is preshrunk to provide an athletic fit. It’s guaranteed to never lose its shape, no matter how many times you throw it in the washer and dryer.

Lulelemon’s Vitasea fabric is what makes this tee unique. Vitasea is a yarn made from seaweed and blended with pima cotton and lyocell (rayon) for softness and durability.

Meanwhile, UnderFit undershirts use modal fabric derived from beech trees. Our undershirts offer comfort in a form fit with just enough stretch.

The Lycra in the fabric gives it exceptional recovery and shape retention, no matter how many times you put it in the wash.

Men’s Heattech Crew Neck Undershirt by Uniqlo

Price: $10

Heattech is Uniqlo’s revolutionary bio-warming fabric designed to work with your body to turn moisture into heat and keep you warm.

Uniqlo’s products even have three levels of heat retention to make sure you’re comfortable throughout the cold seasons.

Heattech’s breathable fibers absorb water vapor from the body and release excess heat and humidity. The fibers’ micro-acrylic mesh pockets trap air for insulation.

UnderFit undershirts are also breathable. Our undershirts’ moisture-wicking and stretch features make them an essential part of any man’s wardrobe. They could go under any outerwear, thick or thin, and still seem invisible.

Big Man StayNew Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirts by Jockey

Price: $30 (Available in packs of 2)

Big and tall men often find it challenging to fit comfortably in most undershirts on the market today. Jockey helps to solve that problem by providing a wide range of sizes (up to a 6XL).

Another great feature of Jockey’s cotton undershirts is that it makes use of their patented Diamond Bright and StayNew techniques.

Diamond Bright is the science behind Jockey’s bright white tees. The fabric stays white and bright even after many washes. StayNew, meanwhile, gives the fabric a more durable surface to avoid pilling.

UnderFit undershirts also come in different sizes. They’re stretchy, so even big and tall men can fit in them. Men of a larger build can finally have their eureka moment.

Our undershirt’s generous length provides comfort and confidence, as it’s guaranteed to stay tucked in no matter how much you move and groove.

Men’s Cotton Compression Crew by Spanx

Price: $58

Men can also wear Spanx. However, unlike women, men wear it as an undershirt that stays snug and tight for a trimmer look.

Even men with dad bods may want a little support to conceal their beer belly or “food baby” belly on days when they need to look their best, like during an important speaking engagement, a grand ball, or a big wedding.

On these occasions, this compression crew neck undershirt will help improve the way you look and feel in your clothes.

Made of soft, breathable cotton material, it’s the classic undershirt but redefined to stretch comfortably for ultimate shaping. The flatlock side seams guarantee that the seams will remain invisible under your outer clothing.

Spanx’s ergonomic design promises to give you the look of a firm chest and flat stomach. It may help improve your posture and support your lower back.

There are no UnderFit compression undershirts. But with our snug-fitting yet comfortable undershirts, you still get to have that polished form without the tight squeeze.

UnderFit undershirts provide a tapered look no matter what shape you’re in. You can dress in style and carry yourself with confidence, not having to worry over bulging midsections.

Royal Classic Deep V-Neck T-Shirt by Zimmerli

Price: $98 – $114

Made in Switzerland, the Royal Classic collection V-neck is manufactured using only the finest mercerized Egyptian mako (maco) cotton.

Mercerization (washing the cotton in caustic soda or lye) gives the fabric an appealing shimmer, exceptionally-smooth texture, and antimicrobial properties that make it resistant to odor.

The circular knitting process involved gives the fabric a 4-way stretch quality that guarantees a comfortable close fit and shape retention. Zimmerli’s undershirts are 1-1/4″ longer than average t-shirts, so they’re easy to tuck in.

The ribbed, banded neckline is double-stitched for a beautiful finish. With the deep V neckline, the undershirt will not be seen even when the outer shirt is unbuttoned.

But who wants to hide this undershirt anyway? Surely, not after we tell you that Hugh Jackman (a.k.a the Wolverine) wore a white Zimmerli undershirt in that movie.

Zimmerli’s undershirts already have a huge following among celebrities. But not everyone would be willing to spend so much money for the same level of comfort found in many select undershirt brands.

If you want to get real value for every dollar you spend, UnderFit is for you. Our undershirts fit any body type or shape. They’re insanely soft but a little stretchy, so they hug your biceps and your body comfortably.

With UnderFit, you don’t need to spend like a royal to feel like a royal.

Go for UnderFit

Now that we’ve given you the best undershirts for 2020, we are confident that you’ll make the right decision when choosing your undershirts.

Remember to compare value vs. price. Consider comfort, practicality and durability, and convenience.

Another important thing to consider is customer service. A great company values its customers and sees to it that they are well-informed and happy with their purchase.

You have questions? Click here and get in touch with our friendly customer care team.

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