V-Neck Beige Undershirt

$27 / shirt

  • Stays Tucked All Day
  • Superb Temperature Regulation
  • Stay Fresh All Day
  • Incredibly Soft
  • Tailored Fit
  • 95% Modal / 5% Lycra fabric
  • Return Policy: No Questions Asked
What's my size?
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UnderFit Sizing

We worked tirelessly to make our undershirts perfect.

We've worked equally as hard to make our sizing perfect, even creating new sizes to further perfect your fit and experience.

Not sure about your size? Use this quick and easy size calculator.

Use the sliders for a size suggestion

Your weight in pounds 135 pounds
Your height in inches 68"


Our beige undershirt is a chameleon, adapting and blending with a wide range of skin tones. Wear this undershirt with your thinnest or light colored outer layers for an invisible layer of protection.

This stretchy, adaptable material hugs your biceps and waistline to eliminate lines and “t-shirt bulk” around your middle.

  • 95% Modal®, 5% Lycra for a Super-Soft Feel
  • Extra Length for a Stay-Tucked Fit
  • Odor Resistant
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Breathe-Aaah-Bility You Won’t Believe
  • Tailored for a Seamless Look

Size Chart

S 26.5" 29.5" 15.33" *
M 27.5" 30.75" 16.25" *
A 28.5" 32" 18.25" *
L 28.5" 32" 17" *
T 30.5" 34" 17" *
XL 30.5" 34" 18.25" *
XXL 32.5" 36.5" 18.25" *

A = Athletic
T = Tall

Length: Top of shoulder next to neck to the bottom of the shirt.
Stretch Length: Length with slight stretch when you tuck the shirt in.
Width: At the bottom of the shirt.
* Stretch Width: We never get emails saying our shirts aren’t wide enough or long enough. If you feel this measurement might not fit — rest assured — it will. Our sizes have been honed over thousands of customers.

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