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  • Updated: July 27, 2022
  • Published: September 17, 2020
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Admit it or not, sweat stains are embarrassing, uncomfortable, and unattractive.

Sweating may vary depending on the situation. It may occur during an interview for a job you are dying to have, or when you’re running the treadmill. These scenarios display a normal bodily reaction based on your emotions or physical activity.

But if you sweat more than usual without being nervous or doing any exercise, it may be based on a medical condition called hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis causes a person to sweat profusely for no reason. This condition can be hereditary or an underlying symptom of a more serious medical problem.

Whatever the condition is, sweat marks can be evident in whatever type of shirt you are wearing. Sweat is noticeable, especially if you’re sporting non-athletic wear like short sleeve t-shirts or long sleeve dress shirts.

Luckily, sweatproof undershirts now exist in the market. These undershirts have a simple function: to prevent sweat marks from getting absorbed by the outer clothing while providing comfort and breathability to a person’s skin.

How Sweatproof Undershirts Work

These specially-designed inner shirts are made of moisture-wicking material that serves as a sweat shield to protect the outer shirt from being drenched in sweat.

The fabric works by transferring the body’s moisture from the skin to the cloth and allowing the perspiration to evaporate quickly.

Most undershirts have a sweatproof technology that works in three layers: the inner layer, the middle layer, and the outer layer. These layers make the shirt more effective in keeping the body fresh and stopping the moisture from penetrating the outer part of the clothing.

The inner layer is usually made up of moisture-wicking material that is soft and smooth to avoid irritation since it is in close contact with the skin.

The middle layer is the essential part because it acts as the sweat barrier that locks the moisture and keeps it from coming out of the outer layer while allowing body heat to pass through. The fabric used for the middle layer usually has antibacterial properties to keep the bad odor and germs away.

Lastly, the outer layer should be light and breathable to allow heat to escape. This layer should also feel smooth when touched.

UnderFit promises the same sweatproof technology, using premium quality textiles that are soft and smooth to the skin while drawing away sweat and moisture from the fabric. Our undershirts are guaranteed to eliminate any unpleasant odor, bacteria, and wet marks as you sweat.

Meanwhile, several sweatproof shirts have built-in underarm pads on each armpit that block off pit stains from appearing, making it look like there is no sweat.

UnderFit undershirts are designed to control back sweat. The modal fabric used in UnderFits work the same way as the underarm pads.

With UnderFit undershirts, there is no need to put on sweat pads anymore. We can assure you that our undershirts will cover not just your armpit and back sweat. We got your whole upper body, too.

How To Manage Sweat

First things first, sweatproof shirts do not instantly solve your sweat problems. They will not lessen the amount of sweat your body excretes.

However, sweatproof shirts can help regulate your body temperature. They can help manage sweat by keeping it invisible to the naked eye and stops the wetness from seeping through the clothes.

Underarm sweat stains are the most common, most noticeable, and most embarrassing wet marks that can be seen through clothes. Other body parts that can produce sweat marks over the clothes are the back and chest.

The best solution for people who sweat excessively is to practice good personal and proper hygiene. This includes washing soiled and wet clothes with the right soap and detergent to ensure that the bacteria and any unpleasant smell are removed.

Sweatproof shirts often target the underarm area. This area is prone to microorganisms because of the sweat that might accumulate in it.

Sweaty armpits is also a culprit for bad body odor if untreated. A solution for this can be as simple as applying deodorant (an anti-odor solution) or antiperspirant (if you are sweating heavily) at least once a day.

Aside from treating the foul smell, you should be cautious of the yellow stains on the clothes’ armpit area caused by aluminum-based deodorants reacting with armpit sweat.

Washing clothes with armpit stains is an additional problem for you to solve if not given attention immediately.

It is also essential to wear the appropriate clothing type based on the weather and sweat condition to address any perspiration problem.

Investing in the right undergarments with the correct fabric will save you time and money in the future.

Best Fabric For Sweat Management

Gone are the days that the only material used for clothing is cotton. Anti-sweat shirts nowadays are usually made of modal fabric.

Modal originated in Japan in the early 1950s. As countries and companies evolved, an Austrian company named Lenzing acquired the fabric and its trademark. Until now, the company is producing a large portion of the modal found around the world.

Modal fabric is made of cellulose (the main component of a plant’s cell wall) of beech trees. It is spun around to turn into a yarn that will eventually be woven to form the fabric.

Its texture is soft and silky, making it a suitable material for innerwear and undergarments. It is breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin—the main components of a sweatproof undershirt.

Clothes made of this fabric have the combined greatness of breathability and sweat protection compared to other breathable fabrics like silk and linen.

Modal is twice softer and fifty percent more absorbent than cotton. Cotton undershirts, the most common type of t-shirt, enable more sweat absorption than keeping the wetness at bay.

Compared to cotton, modal is also more eco-friendly. Modal production uses about twenty times less water, from the growth of the beech tree to the actual manufacturing process.

However, there is confusion between the modal and micro modal fabric.

Though Lenzing fabricates both types of fabric out of beech trees, the difference is that the latter has more delicate fibers than the former. This means the micro modal needs more fibers for weaving, making it tighter and more refined and costly. Nevertheless, both fabrics are breathable, lightweight, and great for moisture absorption.

UnderFit undershirts are made of ninety-five percent modal and five percent spandex. Spandex is an ideal fabric used in athletic wear because of its elasticity and durability.

Combining these two fabrics form an exceptional undershirt that is lightweight, flexible, and breathable, as well as sustainable and may last for years.

Our shirts boast these qualities, such as body temperature regulation and, most importantly, sweat and moisture absorption.

Choosing The Best Undershirt For You

Picking the best undershirt with the right material may solve your overactive sweat glands problem.

UnderFit proves that you don’t have to put on several undergarments or do layering to prevent sweat marks from appearing.

All you need is to invest in a high-quality, antiperspirant undershirt that will get you through the day.

UnderFit swears by this principle: confidence starts underneath. This is why the brand is known for its men’s sweatproof undershirts that are slim fit, soft, flexible, and lightweight.

Aside from practicality, sweatproof undershirts from UnderFit focus on styles that flatter the male physique.

We narrowed down your options to only two shirt styles: the crew neck and v-neck. This will make it easier for you to decide on which to pick, or maybe get both so you will not have to decide further.

Crew neck undershirts are often worn under dress shirts with neckties. Without the tie, the shirt’s neckline will be visible under the collar. For a better fit and façade, it is best to wear a v-neck or deep v-neck undershirt if you plan on skipping the tie.

One concern about undershirts is their bulkiness underneath the dress shirt or polo shirt. But UnderFit’s stretchable t-shirt perfectly fits every man’s body, embracing the curves—from biceps to chest, waistline, and down to the hips. This creates an excellent form and minimizes the crease and bulk around the shirt.

Besides the body-hugging property, our undershirt also blends with the skin because of its nude and neutral tones.

We have two color options: beige and white—nothing too loud or too visible underneath. Wearing a nude undergarment under a light-colored dress shirt provides an invisible protective layer free from sweat.

Our t-shirt sizes are also diverse, catering to different body figures, from small to XXL. We also have specially made sizes for those who are tall and have an athletic build.

UnderFit undershirts have the extra length for tucked in styling under a dress shirt or polo shirt. You can even wear them as-is while still looking as sharp and crisp as possible.

Six years since UnderFit’s launch, we continue to improve our products for men to overcome their lack of confidence due to excessive sweating.

As a part of our continuing progress and development, we have a guaranteed return policy of full refund within three weeks of product receipt. No questions will be asked, even if the shirt has been worn or washed.

Managing sweat can be difficult because of the time, effort, and money needed to treat it or just simply prevent it. But having the right tools and clothing material can be a fool-proof way to boost your confidence and alleviate your sweat anxiety. With UnderFit under your sleeve, you can focus more on other priorities while feeling great all day and not being distracted by sweat.

Leigh is the owner of UnderFit, a premium men's undershirt brand based in Philadelphia, PA. You can follow Leigh on LinkedIn and Twitter.


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