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Are UnderFit Shirts Really Worth $25 or Should I Just Buy a Few Regular $8 Undershirts?

    • You’re not buying an undershirt, you’re buying 8 hours of increased comfort.
    • UnderFits are cut longer and narrower to stay tucked in all day, unlike regular undershirts. The fabric very lightly hugs your waist and below to keep it properly tucked.
    • Traditional undershirts are boxy and make you appear heavier than you really are. UnderFits lightly hug your body, avoiding the appearance of undershirt gut. People say the camera adds 10 pounds –- a boxy undershirt adds 20.
    • You wear undershirts more often than any other shirt in your wardrobe, it should be very comfortable and help you look and feel good. UnderFit does both.
    • UnderFit’s ProModal fabric offers exceptional softness, superb temperature regulation (breath ability), advanced moisture absorption and odor resistance. These qualities provide the ideal fabric for an undershirt that will keep you cool and comfortable when the heat goes up.
At UnderFit, we realize $25 for an undershirt is expensive, but remember the old saying — You get what you pay for. Our fabric alone for each shirt costs $5.

Manufacturing a precise shirt like this is also considerably more expensive than most people think. None of our competitors use fabric that is this expensive.

Our shirts also last much longer than an $8 department store undershirt. You will be able to wear an UnderFit for years, with the same fit and feel as the day it arrived. Regular undershirts will lose their shape well before an UnderFit.

The question to ask yourself is, do I want to be comfortable for years in an UnderFit and look better, or do I want to save a few bucks, whereby sacrificing daily comfort?

If you haven’t tried an UnderFit, honestly, you don’t know what you’re missing.