Undershirts – A Brief History of Time

Today most men will wear an undershirt on a daily basis,  an important part of fashion.  The popularity of undershirts started decades ago and has developed into many different types and styles.


Undershirts came into popularity in the early 20th century.  This was a time when the United States Navy began requiring sailors to wear undershirts beneath their uniforms.  Undershirts were popular because they would absorb the sweat when working in tropical climates and onboard ship.  They provided a way for individuals to keep their uniforms from getting too dirty.  After World War II returning serviceman brought home the desire to wear undershirts as a way to keep their outer shirts clean.  It was a trend that steadily grew in popularity.

Crew Neck Undershirts

The original style that became associated with youth is the crew-neck undershirt of the 1950s.  It was often worn alone with a leather coat to provide the rebel look.  The only problem was that many guys struggled with the high neckline.  They found it a challenge to wear with button collar dress shirts.

V-Neck Undershirts

The next popular undershirt was the V-neck.  This was the start of the fashion trend of wearing a dress shirt with a few top buttons undone.  Many men liked it because they were able to easily wear a dress shirt without showing any part of their undershirt.

Modern Undershirts

Today undershirts are more than a required clothing item. Emerging boutique undershirt companies such as UnderFit create long fitting and trim undershirts that fit better than ever. So the next time you’re throwing on an undershirt keep in mind how long of a journey it’s been.

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