Top 3 Undershirts in the Movies

By it’s own accord undershirts usually don’t get much credit. However, undershirts have played some significant parts in wardrobe throughout the years. We’re not saying to wear these EXACT same outfits but working a quality undershirt into your wardrobe can’t be bad.

1) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – 1986

While it’s hard to find Cameron in anything but his signature Detroit Redwings Jersey… Ferris rocks anything from a suit and tie, his birthday suit while singing in the shower, and an undershirt paired with a leopard print vest.








2) Top Gun – 1986

Tom Cruise ripping along on a motorcycle? Yep, perfect time to toss on an undershirt and some aviators.

Top Gun







3) Forrest Gump – 1994

Gump Sir, Forrest Gump! What better way to get ready for his ongoing journey than sporting an undershirt.


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