Modal…. The Fabric of UnderFit’s Life…

Often considered a replacement for cotton, Modal is widely used in Europe’s clothing industry. Modal makes the best undershirt mainly because of it’s breatheability and  softness which it retains through repeated washings keeping you comfortable all day long.

All Natural: Beach trees supply the cellulose that companies heavily process and reconstitute into very soft fibers. Unlike other types of rayon that are made from the wood pulp of several trees, Modal uses fibers strictly from beach wood.

Other Uses: Modal, used on its own or blended with cotton, spandex and other textiles, has become quite popular for use in towels, bedding, clothing, and even upholstery. Like other types of rayon, Modal breathes well, stays soft, is cool to the touch and very absorbent.

Long Lasting: Modal is like cotton in the sense that it dyes easily and is great for clothing. Although, it is better than cotton because it is resistant to shrinkage, less likely to fade, or form pills caused in cotton by friction. It maintains its smoothness which means hard water deposits are less likely to stick to it, keeping garments softer, longer.


For the very best in undershirts, always check the tag and look for Modal. You will end up with the softest, most resilient undershirt on the market.


Modal + Tencel

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