Dress Shirt Perfection – Go Tailored, Get it Right The First Time

The perfect fitting dress shirt… It seems incredibly elusive but as you sit in meetings, drinks after work, you name it. There’s always the guy there who seems to have a dress shirt that fits perfectly. Does he have that ONE body type all the companies build for? Is he blowing his bonus every year on a work wardrobe? Spoiler Alert – NO!!! A great dress shirt needs to be made just for you.

We spent the last few months trying it all… This journey went from old stand by’s to a custom tailored shirt. Well worth it, for about the same price we found tailored dress shirts that have people asking where they can be found. Now, join the journey and you’ll never go back.

Journey 1: Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers

WHY: Iconic name. More synonymous with high-end men’s wear than about anyone.

PRICE: $88 – You can also buy 3 for $225, keep reading… It’s really not a good deal

THE FIT: Brooks Brothers makes a slim fit dress shirt. Once you get it out of the package you see this isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. Slim fit really means “not as baggy as you’re used to”. Paying about $100 all in with taxes, this isn’t so great.



Journey 2: Charles Tyrwhitt


  WHY: Brits have been in this game forever, and they do cut slimmer.

  PRICE: $59 – But, that’s on sale from $140. In a page out of the JoS. A. Bank book, there’s ALWAYS a sale!

  THE FIT: Our friends across the pond are known for a slimmer fit than Americans are used to. And that holds with Charles Tyrwhitt, definitely a slimmer cut than Brooks Brothers. However… Still a lot of extra baggage under the arms and throughout the mid section. You’ll feel a difference but no one else is asking where you bought the shirt.


Journey 3/Final Leg: Blank Label

  WHY: Tailored Shirt. That’s it, built custom for you. Choose the fabric, collar style, fit, and about anything else you can think of.

   PRICE: $80 (Depending on fabric prices vary from $80 – $145) – Free shipping so that’s the final number and it’s worth it.

   THE FIT: Let’s start with my biggest concern on dress shirts… No matter how the front looks there always seems to be a “sail” hanging off your back. Not so with Bank Label, the shirt lays crisp across shoulders then contours perfectly down the back for a clean look. Now following the fit down through your arms… No extra baggage hanging but enough room to feel comfortable waving down a bartender for a cocktail. And finally, when you catch a glimpse in the mirror you WILL be taken aback with the taper this shirt provides through your mid-section.

RETURNS: Our shirt fit perfectly the first time but you’ll notice the package arrives with easy instructions on a free return process. These guys have the confidence to make it right for free. You have to love a company that takes all the risk off the table.

THE TAKEAWAY: Blank Label makes it easy to look great. Save your time and money, go with Blank Label right away and get ready to throw out all your old shirts!




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