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Undershirt Fabric ~ Why Modal?

Leigh McKenzie • December 28, 2012

Leigh McKenzie
Co-Owner & Head of Growth at UnderFit. Addicted to sports, coffee, sushi and tacos.
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Oh cotton, the fabric of our lives… Not anymore! Undershirts you are used to were always made out of cotton but this is changing for many companies. The market now has a multitude of Modal undershirts for sale, and for good reason. The Modal undershirt offers characteristics that are ideal in an undergarment fabric.

Modal® fabric blends Modal and Tencel fibers to yield a superior modal undershirt. Understanding the two fibers (1) Modal (2) Tencel that combine to make Modal® is pretty simple , let’s take a look.

Modal + Tencel


  • Natural softening agent
  • Long-lasting softness even after repeated washing


  • Optimum moisture management
  • Climate regulation
  • Smooth fiber structure helps to avoid skin irritations
  • High fiber tenacity


Since Modal® blends the best qualities that these fibers have to offer the end result is a great men’s undershirt. The fabric is ideal for repeated washings while remaining soft. The undershirt market will see  a continual shift towards the use of Modal and other fibers due to their superior characteristics.


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