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Slim Undershirts ~ Here’s the skinny…

Leigh McKenzie • December 21, 2012

Leigh McKenzie
Co-Owner & Head of Growth at UnderFit. Addicted to sports, coffee, sushi and tacos.
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Let’s take a look at slim fit undershirts and how they differ from what you’re used to (big package of Hanes). A company like Hanes is HUGE, therefore they need to make undershirts that EVERY guy in America can fit into. How do the largest undershirt companies do this? It’s simple… Make them wide in the shoulders and wide in the waist creating that perfect box of low grade cotton that anyone fits into. Fits into is sure a lot different than having the right fit.

Doesn’t look like the right fit to me…

Baggy Undershirt
Traditional Baggy Undershirt

How are slim fit undershirts different? It all comes down to the fit and fabric:

1) Width at the waist: Sim undershirts should be trimmer in the waist than in the shoulders. This provides the tapered design which is much more flattering than traditional boxy undershirts.

2) Width throughout the core: Again, trimmer cut throughout the midsection will get rid of all that extra fabric swimming around in your dress shirt.

3) Shoulders should be different than the waist: Look at your own body! For most people their shoulders are wider than their waist and getting the right fit requires an undershirt with the same design.

4) The Fabric: While traditional cotton is soft it sure doesn’t conform to your body. That’s why UnderFit utilizes Modal® blended with a touch of Lycra. Lycra (aka spandex) provides a slightly form fitting feel so slim fit undershirts correctly conform to your body.

The Takeaway:

Slim fit undershirts vary drastically from what you’re used to because of differences in the cut and fabric. The next time you’re walking around and see someone with that baggy look underneath their dress shirt you’ll know why. The right slim fit undershirt fits like this…

 Body with targets

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