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For A Professional Fall Look, Try A Banker’s Collar, Colored Pants And A Long Slim Undershirt

Leigh McKenzie • October 11, 2013

Leigh McKenzie
Co-Owner & Head of Growth at UnderFit. Addicted to sports, coffee, sushi and tacos.
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Dressing for work doesn’t have to be boring.

Although a suitable appearance in a professional situation does require following a few rules, that doesn’t mean you don’t have any options whatsoever.

Let’s take a look at some ways you can add a little panache to your work wardrobe without being called in for a conversation with HR.

1) Very Professional:  Banker’s collar is a white collar on a shirt of a different color. Traditionally, the body of the shirt is blue or blue-and-white striped, but we’ve also seen it on pink and yellow shirts. The contrast between the colored body and white color is eye-catching, and you can play up the classic look of this shirt by wearing suspenders rather than a belt.

2) Tone it down a bit: Colored pants are very on-trend right now. Don’t go too far off the deep-end with a lime green pair or something. Instead, look for a subtler, autumnal hue, like burgundy or a rich shade or purple (those might be called “merlot” and “aubergine” in fashion-speak). These colors are subdued enough to not attract the wrong kind of attention, but they’re definitely a chance to add some variety.

3) How wide are your ties? Medium-width ties — those that are about 2.5 inches across at their widest point — can help create a contemporary look. They’re also flattering, since the slimmer width makes your chest look bigger — no bench pressing involved!

Lastly, a word to the wise: Don’t ruin the look of a sharp, crisply ironed dress shirt and neatly tailored pants with an undershirt that’s baggy and bunching around your waist. Do wear an undershirt, since it will absorb the sweat and oil from your skin and make your shirts last longer, but look for a long, slim undershirt instead.

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