Cooler weather is here, but that does not mean it is time to break out the chunky fisherman’s sweaters or bulky overcoats.

This fall, slim-fitting garments are in.


Because pulling off the slim-fit look might take a little getting used to, we wanted to offer a few pointers on how you can embrace the trend of tailored pants, shirts and sweaters without sacrificing comfort or warmth.


First, dress shirts: Here, look for words like “slim fit” or “athletic fit.” These fits tend to be narrower around the torso, which reduces the chances of a blouse-like look. Do not get carried away and go too tight, though. If you cannot comfortably move your arms (pretend you’re driving a car, for example) or fit two fingers between your neck and collar, the shirt is not slim-fitting, it is just too small. While we are on the topic of shirts, do not ruin the flattering tailored look with a bulky undershirt. A thin undershirt may be a bit more of an investment, but you will definitely find it to be worthwhile.


As far as sweaters, pay attention to the material. Most people find cashmere wonderfully soft, but it is not terribly warm. Better options would be merino, boiled wool or lambswool. On sizing, try one size smaller than you normally would, just to see how you feel about it.


When it comes to pants, you will probably want to stick to your traditional waist and inseam sizes at first. However, remember that a slim-fitting pant will fit your body differently. Thus, if you have to go up a waist size so that a slim-fitting pair of pants does not cut off circulation in your thighs, that is fairly normal. Also, keep in mind that different brands come in different fits.