To all past and future UnderFit customers, my name is Paul Beck. I purchased UnderFit in February 2014 from my good friend Ben Brockland and his business partner Dave Palmer.

Before UnderFit, I often found myself uncomfortable throughout the workday due to my short undershirts coming undone. I also dealt with the dreaded undershirt gut, causing a puffy appearance above my belt. I have been wearing their shirts since the beginning of the company in 2011 and will never go back to a cotton undershirt.

In 2011, Ben and his business partner took a leap of faith and trusted in their entrepreneurial ability. Over the course of three years, and thousands of hours of hard work, they build a great e-commerce company around a great shirt. I couldn’t be more proud of my friend and former business partner.

I’m excited to take the helm at UnderFit and promise to uphold Ben and Dave’s standards of uncompromising quality.

When you buy an UnderFit, it will last for years. I hope more people realize one $25 undershirt that is soft, stretchy, comfortable and lasts years, is a better purchase than a boxy, run-of-the-mill cotton undershirt which is ruined within a year of use.

I’ll continue to donate a day’s worth of meals to an impoverished child through Dave Palmer’s charity, The Joan Rose Foundation, for every shirt sold. Dave does amazing work in the Dominican Republic and the world is a better place due to people like him.

This was my first blog post, so hopefully it wasn’t too bad.

Hope to keep all you readers as customers. Feel free to reach out with questions or comments at [email protected] We’re hoping to add other items to the lineup in the coming year, stay tuned.

– Paul Beck