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3 Simple Ways to Maintain a High Quality Undershirt

Leigh McKenzie • September 13, 2013

Leigh McKenzie
Co-Owner & Head of Growth at UnderFit. Addicted to sports, coffee, sushi and tacos.
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UnderFit’s High Quality Undershirts are already built to last. But poor cleaning and storing habits can send your undershirts to an early retirement. Use these 3 simple steps to keep your UnderFits in prime condition.


1) Properly wash your undershirts:

UnderFit suggests washing your undershirts with your whites in cold water and tumble dry on a low heat. Unlike other high maintenance garments, UnderFits are made with the material, modal. Not only is this fabric soft (even after washing) but it is resistant to shrinking. So it is safe in the dryer, on a low heat.

3) Use Hangers:

Because of the materials used in Underfits, your undershirts will be virtually wrinkled free if you hang them. Wrinkled free undershirts will fit better and last longer.


3) Avoid the yellow stains:

The great news? UnderFit uses Tencel material in every undershirt. This tough fabric is already sweat and odor resistant. But if you are still struggling with those persistent yellow armpit stains, take a closer look at your deoderant. Many antiperspirants contain the chemical, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly. This chemical reacts with moisture and creates that yellow stain. Look for a deoderant that does not contain this chemical and both you and your UnderFit will be in good shape.

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