Why a Fitted Undershirt is Simply… Better

Long-sleeved dress shirts remain the standard work “uniform” for professional men, but that is not to say there are not ways to work within this category and find a style that works well for you.

Here are some of the popular types of dress shirt that are options for you. To keep yourself from getting bored in a sartorial sense, take a spin through these choices and see if you like any of them.

An Oxford shirt, like this one from J.Crew, tends to be made from a sturdier woven cotton fabric (called Oxford cloth) that has a very subtle texture. Oxford shirts are defined by their button-down collars. Although it is not unacceptable to wear them in the workplace, the button-down collar makes many people consider them to be a more upscale-casual shirt. It is an excellent choice for a Thursday when you do not have any client meetings, but probably is not the right option for an important presentation to the board.

French-cuffed dress shirts have cuffs that are twice as long as normal cuffs and are often worn with cufflinks. Because the cuffs connote formality, it often isn’t necessary to wear a jacket with a French-cuffed shirt. Make sure you pair a French-cuffed shirt with slacks or dress pants. Chinos and khakis are a little too casual for this more refined shirt.

Slim-fit dress shirts, such as Banana Republic’s Tailored Slim-Fit shirt, are popular among younger and more fashion-conscious men. Slim-fit shirts are praised because they create a sharp, crisp silhouette. Men who take pride in the physiques also like slim-fit dress shirts because they do not drown them in voluminous extra fabric. With this style especially, a fitted undershirt is a good idea. A larger, more baggy undershirt will bunch and clump underneath this type of dress shirt. That will cause discomfort and look unsightly.

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