5 Types of Shirts Men Need in their Wardrobe

From casual to formal and professional men need shirts that work for all kinds of occasions.  There are five types of shirts men need in their wardrobe right now.  Make sure all of them are in your closet.

Dress Shirts

1) The white dress shirt is always a classic.  It’s great for dinner parties, for work, at weddings and other fancy occasions.  Wear these with a suit for a dressy look or with jeans for a business causal look.  It’s a must-have because it matches everything in your closet.

2) The pinstripe dress shirt gives men an alternative to the white dress shirt.  It provides variety and style to any wardrobe.  The barely-there pinstripes mix and match with any style.  Add a pattern tie to bring a professional trendy look to your wardrobe.

Casual Shirts

3) The pencil stripe shirt is the casual version of the pinstripe dress shirt, yet it can also be worn in a professional setting.  The stripes on the suit are thicker than pinstripe shirts, but not as thick as the white space.  It’s worn best with jeans or dress pants.

4) Checkered shirts say exactly what it is.  From small to large checkerboard shapes these shirts come in all sizes and colors.  Some checkered shirts work well with suit and ties and others work well as casual shirts.  It’s a flexible shirt that works for all occasions.

5) Linen shirts are summer shirts that keep you cool without looking like a hot mess.  They are ultra-thin and stylish (even after wrinkles).  The shirt draws the line between formal and casual.  Tuck it in and button it up for a business casual look.  Roll sleeves up and don’t tuck it in for a weekend vacation look.

Stock up on your wardrobe essentials.  Have the shirts that are versatile for any occasion, but make sure those clothes match your style too.  After all you are the one that has to wear it.  Be sure to purchase a High Quality Undershirt to truly enhance your essential dress shirts.

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