Underfit Men's Undershirts Provide Superior Fit (Odor Resistant & Stays Tucked)
UnderFit - The Premium Men's Undershirt

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UnderFit undershirts for men are an average of $10 cheaper than competitors, but use more expensive fabric.

Odor Resistant
Our fabric is odor resistant. Moisture wicking technology limits moisture; which is needed to breed odor causing bacteria.

Tailored Cut
UnderFits are wider at the shoulders and chest and narrower by the waist. Your body is the same way. Avoid boxy billowing undershirts causing you to look less trim than you actually are.

Stays Tucked All Day
Three extra inches of length so it stays tucked all day, guaranteed.

Secret Fabric Blend
UnderFit men's undershirts are made of a secret fabric blend created over months of wear testings. No other brand knows the specific blend that makes our shirt fabric perfect.

UnderFit Uses Only the Best Fabric

Exceptional softness. Superb temperature regulation. Advanced moisture absorption.
In scientific studies, ProModal fabric has been proven to be more than twice as soft as cotton. The softness was measured by the Kawabata Evaluation Systems for Fabrics.
ProModal has an extremely high tensile strength, which means it’s hard to tear. UnderFit shirts keep their shape and great fit for years.
Eco Friendly Fabric
Our raw material comes only from sustainability grown forest plantations.

Choosing the Right Size

UnderFit shirts are made of a lightly stretching material which offers a close and light body hugging fit.
The recommended size on the chart will provide a light body hugging fit. If you prefer a slightly looser fit, choose a size larger. The shirts are not compression shirts, but do provide a close to the body feel.