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To all past and future UnderFit customers,

Since February, I’ve been working on improving every aspect of UnderFit Shirts. We started out with a complete website redesign and product quality overhaul.

These undershirts are the highest quality we’ve ever made, by leaps and bounds. The material is the same great ProModal/Lycra mixture that differentiates our shirts from all the others. The stitching was updated to the highest quality available — these seams will last many years under the demanding conditions needed for an undershirt.

We also deepened the V in our V-neck shirts to ensure it stays hidden beneath a button down shirt, so you can be comfortable and confident the shirt will stay hidden, exactly as a v-neck is supposed to.

Our shirts have been compared to the competition http://www.madetoreview.com/2013/05/21/battle-of-the-undershirts-underfit-vs-mr-davis/ and have come out on top.

We’re considering a micro modal version of the shirt which is used in the $40+ undershirts, but we’ll sell it for considerably less.

Thank you for your business and stay tuned for more updates.

– Paul Beck

Written by Paul Beck