UnderFit was created by Ben Brockland, David Palmer and Paul Beck when we couldn’t find an undershirt that would stay tucked throughout the workday. The annoying re-tucks pushed us over the edge. For two years, we repeatedly tested our designs until the perfect material and fit was accomplished. UnderFit was born.

UnderFit undershirts are cut longer and lightly hug your hips and below, to stay tucked in all day. Our fabric is ideal for undershirts due to its exceptional softness, advanced moisture absorption, odor resistance and superb breathability. If you want to remain less comfortable in your run-of-the-mill undershirt, by all means, DON’T buy an UnderFit.

In February 2014, Paul Beck bought Ben and David’s shares of UnderFit. Although Paul owns the company, Ben and Dave remain an integral part of the UnderFit team.

We’re passionate about making the best undershirt possible for a competitive price. We also care about helping the less fortunate. We do this via a contribution of one day’s worth of meals for a child to The Joan Rose Foundation for every shirt sold. We know it isn’t a whole lot, but it comes out to about 3% of profits and every bit helps these kids.

We are proud to provide an undershirt that is not only comfortable, but will make you look and feel better every day without breaking the bank.